Emulating the MSG Evolver Art Map function question

So I have searched on here for posts related to emulating the old MSG Evolver Art Map function with a movie brush, but it seems like all the links to the "tips" about it are broken.  I have some old brushes that work, the movies they are using have 5 separate "sections" (different movies edited into one movie) of 200 frames for each "section", for a total of 1000 frames in the movie that the brush is using.  My question is, I seem to remember something about "# of indexes", but I can't find it.  In the brush source panel, if you are using 2D indexing, with the first being RGB mapping, there is slider for "MB 2D A Dimension", should I set that to 5 (5 x 200 = 1000).  What if I have a movie with 5000 frames with 10 "sections"?  Thank you, all the old links seem to be dead.

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          • As promised, i added a new feature to the next version so you can just drop a bunch of movie files in an image brush folder and then have them self animate in a PASeq animation without getting into the whole 2D indexing thing we've been running through in this post.  Example on my art blog here.

            Movie Mosaic Experiment 4
              As promised, i added a new feature to pre_V6 so that you can work with free running movies by just dropping them in a folder and using the...
        • I fixed the bug issues associated with RGB mapping in 2D movie brush indexing i mentioned yesterday. I posted an example made in pre_V6 with those changes here on my art blog. It's very similar to the movie mosaic i posted here yesterday, but it's now setup to work the way you would want it to work. Using RGB mapping across the B axis of modulation to index into a specific sub movie segment, and then using animation frame indexing to modulate along the A axis.

          Movie Mosaic Experiment 3
            I reworked a few ass-backwards bug issues in the 2D index modulation for movie brushes that apparently fell through the cracks in V5.5 tes...
          • Awesome, thank you John!  I was on vacation and didn't see your recent posts until just now.

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