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In the Gallery Show mode of Studio Artist, there is a setting of "Source Option", and I have had some great success with the "Folder (random) Load Temporal options, all 3 of them, they are great, if you set up your Temporal Image Operation that it is using the way you want it in the first place before you start running Gallery Show. 

I don't think this is possible in SA yet, but could it be possible to do the same kind of thing that is happening in Gallery Show, with the Source Option, where can take a bunch of images (especially if sequentially numbered) or mmovies, and process them like with a Temporal Rank Neighborhood Filter, BUT instead of having the folder be a "Folder (random) Load Temporal", it could be sequential, instead of random, across all the videos,

And here's what I'm really getting at, let's say I have a folder full of movies,could it someday be possible for something like ""Folder (random) Load Temporal" in Gallery Show, to sequentially process the various "frames" of the "source images" in "order", instead of at "random" like if you had a folder with 5 different movies in it of equal frame length (or not equal?) and as the process unfolds, the "temporal rank neighborhood" that I have picked to be the "Cur Temporal Ip Op" as my "Main Technique" in Gallery Show panel, will process each movie in the folder in a "sequential order" consistent with the "Frame Inc". on ALL the movies in the folder, and this next part is really the crux of what I am getting at>>>:::  I love how the "Folder (random) Load Temporal" options in Gallery Show work with my faviorite custom Temporal Image Operations that I have made.  

What I want to happen is for the way that happens in Gallery Show now, to be able to happen with multiple movies and be consistent frame-by-frame over time with the way the Temporal Image Operation is happening.  The Temporal Image Operation options in the Source Option can treat folders of images as "movies" and do a "temporal operation" on them, which is great.  

I don't know if what I wrote can be understood, I just wish there was a way to consistently do a "temporal rank neighborhood" on a folder multiple movies at once, with Frame Inc. order on each movie being consistent, and output that as an animation.

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  • Whoops sorry a little lit when I wrote that haha... hope it makes sense

  • Not quite getting what you are specifically asking for.  Do you want it to sequentially advance through an individual movie (represented as a folder of frame images), or randomly select an individual movie within the folder and then randomly access frames in that, or randomly access a specific movie in the folder and then sequentially access in that, or?

    You can work with Contexts (like source contexts or transition contexts) to drive Temporal Ip Op effects in the next version we are working on.  So that might be an alternate way to do what you want to do?

    In general, the next version is better at letting you use Gallery Show to do movie processing if you want to do that.

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