Generative art


It’s been a while since I just fiddled with SA dials.

It used to be called “generative art” where the code did the heavy lifting.

The examples here are play… These were made with vector Paint Synth Presets

The attached zip contains a set of Paint Synth Presets that made most of these.





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  • Cool thank you Craig!

  • I like these! Very wormy. lol.


    • Tony,

      Yes. Somehow "worminess" seems to dominate. The wormy ones are the most fun too.

      These are all vector based PAint Synth Presets and can either be run using the "Action" button or will do different things when hand applying with a stylus directly on the canvas. To get some variety into the colors - I use a source image that is very colorful and full of small color changes.

      I find just goofing around and painting or hitting the "Action" button very soothing. Making no particular statement artistically - and just doing = good hterapy! : )

      More generative art:12287183882?profile=RESIZE_930x12287184461?profile=RESIZE_930x12287184658?profile=RESIZE_930x12287184487?profile=RESIZE_930x12287184684?profile=RESIZE_930x12287184862?profile=RESIZE_930x12287185075?profile=RESIZE_930x12287185268?profile=RESIZE_930x12287185096?profile=RESIZE_930x

      Some of the presets that created these and some other fun effects. These are applied to largish canvases with large brush sizes. The application on the canvas can be as fun or more fun than the final output. The Presets apply in wild ways - especially when hand painting with a stylus on a tablet.
      • Outstanding!!

        This are really imaginative uses of  vector brush.

        • A few more in the same general vein.

          Generated entirely with vector Paint Synth Presets. Either hand applied or using the Action button.

          My experience with these could be compared to the popular coloring books that were a fad not very long ago. Winding down from a day of very deliberate art decisions with very random artlike generations. Much of the fun of the experience is in the act of "painting" - the application of the Presets on the canvas is very alive and morphng constantly - and capturing a moment that feels like something interesting to me becomes almost an act of gambling and reflexes.

          Most made with the set attached in this zip:


          • And one last one - I will claim it is an homage to comic book creator Jack Kirby and his crackling energy dots!12291576462?profile=RESIZE_930x

            • Ocean going shoggoth matter:


              Vector Paint Synth Preset. This is using just a elipse shape. The options for variety in vector art with SA are "far out"!!!

              A shoggoth (occasionally shaggoth) is a fictional monster in the Cthulhu Mythos. The beings were mentioned in passing in H. P. Lovecraft's sonnet cyc…
              • lol, Jaunty Jack Kirby, is how I remember Stan Lee referring to him.

                I think that some of these piece are also something that Steve Ditko would do.

                They both did Dr. Strange at some point, didn't they? Some of the realms he visited were pretty close to what, we would imagine we'd see, at the Mountains of Madness or on Yith



                • Tony,

                  Both those artists were brilliant! Love thier stuff (I grew up on them).

                  Also grew up reading Lovecraft and am having a blast referencing his weird visions with SA and crazy vector Painth Synth Presets:

                  I don’t think Ning is retaining image names properly - but the set here continues the Kirby crackling energy (plus some "astral maggots") and shoggoths and adds impressions of Aladdins cave with my glasses off (totally blurry) for fun.


                • Have you played around with Gradient Multi lighting?

                  I went through a whole discovery earlier in the year, working with thin, medium and thick brushes, to create wire versions of faces. The lighting converted lines to wire. 

                  I use the lighting now, to give my images a very interesting look.12292809063?profile=RESIZE_930x

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