• We run Studio Artist on Monterey here, in addition to Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave. So everything works fine.

    I did notice that after upgrading to Monterey i now get 4 in a row identical apple dialogs every single morning begging me to log into my apple store account, so it continues the unfortunate trend of more and more obnoxious apple interrupts that have everything to do with apple's needs and nothing to do with yours.  So whether you actually want to upgrade or not is an open question.

  • Some of you are going to care about this particular apple screw up on Monterey.


    "In their infinite wisdom, Apple has added a security feature that negatively affects every audio/video app that uses one of the displays to output to a video projector, including our beloved Isadora. In MacOS Monterey, if any macOS app starts capturing audio an “orange dot” appears to warn you on the primarily display and on all secondary displays. In our particular case, this means that this orange dot appears on the stage output, which is totally unacceptable for anyone using macOS as a professional video tool that sends video output to a video projector."



    • Wow, that could be a show stopper. I don't think I would be affected since I don't capture audio through the Mac during live performances, but I still think I'll stay on Catalina. Every year I get little bit closer to moving to Windows.

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Is anybody making a copy of all the material in the Tutorials Forum

Since the Forum is going away in June, has anyone started to make a copy of all the stuff in the Tutorials forum?I've made copies of some of the tutorial material on the main site, but haven't looked at the Tutorial Forum yet.I'm going to continue copying as much as I can for my own personal use anyway, but if anyone else is doing it, or has already started doing it, please let me know.Maybe we can co-ordinate our efforts. ps can't ..... believe John, would let this happen without so much as a…

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Studio Artist is in Italy!

I was crawling the streets of Matera, Italy today and may have discovered where SA is hiding!  (see attached photo). Not meaning to make light of this great, sad mystery. But I just couldn't resist as I try to make sense of what's happening. Losing my connection to SA, Synthetik and John has been a great sadness... and if real, ends a monumental era in my creative life. love,~Victor   

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The Overload

"The Overload"! A video with music, from the various experiments I made in Studio Artist with stuff that I have learned in the last few days, from tips and tricks I found by scouring this site and the Synthetik site for tutorials etc. MSG! Paint Synth with MSG Path Generation! Movie Brushes with MSG Path Start Generation! Time Particles! Time Particles with MSG Path Start Generation running Movie Brushes! All that, and more! Haha I have been trying to stretch the Paint Synthesizer in the…

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