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Vector rotoscoping

There are some desirable vector presets. I want to use them in rotoscoping. So far this has failed in a way that suggests that I can't approach it this way.

When I try it the way the video tutorial suggests, I can't find that preset. Is there a way t

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keyframe vectorizer

Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to use the vectorizer for video in such a way that does not result in a jumpy / flashing image. I am using version 4... using 'image' as the main generation technique, with 'color simplify' as the generator.


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Outputting vectorizer effects

Been following the posterous posts on vector file output from the Paint Synthesizer, and trying them out, but ran into a snag.


The EPS, SVG Write Option preference (under the PASeq preference tab) is set to "Open File After Write."  So...

I go to 

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Vectorizer Feature Requests?

I'm looking into what to do with the Vectorizer in the future. So i thought i'd open up a discussion to see if there were any features in particular people were interested in seeing added to the Vectorizer in future versions of Studio Artist.



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Simple Vectorizer Tutorial

I posted a simple tutorial on processing a movie with the Studio Artist Vectorizer in the Studio Artist Tutorials Group. For some reason Groups posts often don't seem to appear on the current topics links, so i'm posting here to let people know it's

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SA on iPad?

It's been a while since some discussion happened about SA on an iPad. Not sure how long ago!?I am very curious now - with the newer M1 driven iPads - what likelyhood there might be for developing an iPad version? 

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Outputting the Bezier Path Frame as a SVG File

Tech support asked me about a question that came in from a user, which was whether one could output the current contents of the bezier path frame as a svg file. The answer is yes, but it's not as straightforward as a simple menu export command.  We'll try to add that option in the next release for convenience. But for now, let's run through how you can do it in V5.5. I'm going to assume you already have a set of bezier curves in the bezier path frame. Note that you have to be in Bezier…

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