• Studio Artist V5.5 runs fine on MacOS Monterey.

    As far as V5 goes, the 32 bit build definitely will not.  I have not tried the 64 bit V5 build.  It probably runs ok, but with some cosmetic defects with some of the control drawing like on Big Sur.


    As far as whether you want to upgrade to Monterey, that's another story.  The only difference i've noticed in my workflow is that it's more locked down, and is annoyingly yelling at you during the most inappropriate times while you are working to log into apple services more than Bug Sur.


    I think 'Beautiful Fremont' is their next OS code name. ha,ha.

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Cloning - From Sampled Location Centre To Where Painted? How?

Dear Forum members, I'm atempting to create a cloner brush from which I can selected the sample point and paint from the sampled centre to a new location ( As one might do in Photoshop etc) but I'm having absolutely no luck.I've been attempting to use the features in Paint Source Offset > Tracking >Offset Start but it seems to be offsetting from the source image bounds (or some such voodoo) and not a specified sampled point.Any help in this matter would be greatly appeciated.

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