How do you make a mosaic that draws in a pattern like the spiral on the Santa Claus example in the mosaic gallery. All of my mosaics are laying out left to right next to each other... can't find the controls to draw them at angles or on top of each other.



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The Generator parameter in the Path Start control panel of the paint synthesizer determines the layout of the paint nibs laid down when the paint synthesizer is action painting. If you have a paint preset that is using one of the tiling options for the Generator, then you can change that to Golden Spiral if you want a spiral sunflower pattern for the nib layout.

Thanks for the quick reply. I thought that might be the switch, but the preset didn't work with my iMac. I will try again when I get home.



If you want to tell me which specific preset you are using and want to edit, i can take a look at it. 

So I got home, fired up Studio Artist 5 (64bit) on the iMac (El Capitan,10.11.6), selected a couple of presets (Basic Image tile-touch up manually, and Basic Image Tiling Colorized), changed them to golden spiral (or any of the geometric settings) hit Action and... nothing.
I get the message that says Paint Action Sequence running for a flash then nothing, and nothing on the canvas.
I'm gonna try the 32 bit version and then check the folders for the preset files... 


I switched to the 32 bit version and that didn't work... the presets are in the folders, but won't run. I messed with the variables thinking that they might be set out of bounds, but that didn't work either.
None of the presets at the top of the list work from Clumpy Random to Start point internal path memory 1 works. The ones after those seem to work (as near as I can tell).
I would love to fix this since the ones that work are kind of similar in layout despite the differences in treatment... the row column thing is a little boring.



I should say that the presets run with certain parameters in the path start variable but not the Clumpy random to Start point internal path memory 1. I have found other variables that also don't run. Hope this makes sense.


Again, when you are editing a paint preset that is configured to draw using a path start regionize option for the path type in the path shape control panel, it's only going to work if you pick a path start generator that is a regionizer. I discussed this in more detail in another reply here, and i'm happy to elaborate if you have any questions.

The 32 and 64 bit versions of SA5 work identically as far as paint presets are concerned. The only differences is that the 64 bit version is not using quicktime, so movie brushes will not work, or image or image folder brushes using psd images will not work in the 64 bit version.

Basic Image tile-touch up manually is a region fill as brush pen mode paint preset. It's totally setup for manual painting only. So, changing the path start generator to a golden spiral isn't going to do anything, because all of the path shape parameters are setup for path start regionizer generators.

Here's a old tip on path start regionization.

SA5 has many more path start regionizer options for the path start generator than V4 did. If you are unclear about a particular preset, you can use the get info dialog for a paint preset to give you helpful information about how the preset is configured.

Note that it tells you that Path Start Regionize is on for that Basic Image tile-touch up manually preset.

If you look at the Path Shape control panel, the Path Type is set to Path Start Regionize. So if you don't have a path start generator that is a regionizer, it's not going to do anything.

If you want to use the golden spiral path start generator, you'd need to edit a tiling preset that is using one of the non-regionizer tiling options. Or just construct one manually. You also want to be using one of the normal pen modes (non region fill as brush) that lay down individual nibs of paint along the paint path. Region fill as brush pen mode is special, in that the paint path defines a single region that is filled like a single one time paint nib based on the region shaped defined by the paint path. Note that this is very different from the normal lay down paint nibs sequentially along a paint path way of painting associated with other pen modes like interactive pen.

Here's a tip on pen modes.

Here's a simple paint preset that uses a movie brush and a golden spiral pen mode. I just took an old graffiti tiling preset and changed the path start generator. Note that no region fill as brush pen mode is being used, and no path start regionization. I also include the original preset i edited, called Graffiti Grid Scan 1. 


Here's the original tiling preset.


Here's the golden spiral pattern for the layout of the individual paint nibs.

Note that the max path length in the path shape control panel for these 2 presets is set to 1. That's because we only want a single paint nib to draw for each paint path. If the path length was longer, then a series of paint nibs would be drawn, like you get with a normal paint preset.

You can see what happens if i set the max path length to 300 below.

Note that it's hard to see the scan pattern for the path start generator now, because many individual movie brush paint nibs are now laid down for each paint path.


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