Here's a new set of DualMode Paint presets. There are all sorts of cool new DualMode Paint effects contained in this new set or presets. DualMode Paint is a new operation mode in Studio Artist 4. It lets you combine together a paint preset along with an interleaved live image processing effect. It's extremely powerful, and even with this new set of presets we've still barely scratched the surface of what you could potentially achieve using the DualMode Paint features. Here's a tip that discusses DualMode Paint operation mode in more detail.



There are 2 different zip compressed archives available below for download, one for mac users and the other for windows users. Please choose the appropriate one for your computer. The preset files are the same for both platforms but some windows users have trouble decompressing mac zip compressed folders, so that's why we have 2 different downloads for the 2 different platforms.


After decompressing the zip archive, you will have a folder of new DualMode Paint presets called DualMode.

If you just drag and drop this new DualMode folder directly into your existing Preset folder in your main Studio Artist 4 folder, you will loose the old DualMode Paint presets already in there. If you don't want this to happen, then copy the individual Collection folders contained in the new DualMode folder to your existing Preset/DualMode factory folder. They will then show up as new collections along with the old collections you already have installed in your current Preset/DualMode folder. 

This new DualMode is a new set of presets, so it's missing most of the ones we originally shipped in the original factor DualMode preset folder.


Remember, the folder hierarchy for Studio Artist presets is 'collection' / 'category' / 'individual preset files'. Here's a tip on Studio Artist 4 preset folder organization if you are confused or need more information on how presets are organized. And feel free to ask questions here if you are confused about how to install these new DualMode Paint preset into your main Studio Artist 4 folder.

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Thanks, John--it's always fun to try out new goodies!
Wonderful! Can't wait to try them out
Thanks John, I didn't use Dualmode yet.

great, thank you again john!


There's a series of daily effect blog posts (starting with this one followed by several more over the next few days) that discuss how some of these new DualMode Paint presets are constructed.


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