not able to use inspire in evolution editor

sa shuts down as soon as i click on inspire. i've been able to use this in catalina before. anything i can try?

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I'm not aware of any problems. So:

Please open a tech support ticket at (under the support menu), and when you describe the problem there, please attach the crash log so we can take a look at it to see what is going on.

ok, thank you.

We found out what was going on.  An old Studio Artist folder somehow got into the Preset folder itself.  Remove it and the problem went away.

It points out some work we should do under the hood to deal with any potential problems like this.  So it's on our endless 'to do' list now.

i sent you an email saying the problem went away when i took the sa4 folder away. i have other types of presets with the same folder that work fine. thank you.

Yes, thank you so much for passing back that info.  I was posting it here for anyone else who runs into this issue.


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"I just had to restart my Mac. And now when I run these 2 "bug" presets, I don't have any problem ! Curious ! (I'm on Catalina 10.15.7)"
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"Email me the presets for anything you consider a bug as you run across them and we'll look at them."
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"John, these 2 bugs are "old" bugs. They also appears with SA 5."

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