I have too much difficult to understand how it work, how to use ' Paint Preset Mixer ' i have reading some publications on the forum about ' Paint Preset Mixer ' BUT i'm absolutely confused.. PLEASE some ONE can explain me ' how to ' in a Easy Mode . THANKS

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  • If you look back in the forum archives, this topic has been discussed multiple times.


    The way the preset mixer works, each of the 4 corners corresponds to 1 of the 4 path memories in the paint synthesizer.

    So look under Edit : Paint Synthesizer : Memory menu, and you will see a bunch of different memories in there associated with the paint synthesizer.

    Patch Memoriess,  Fixed Color memories, Path Memories,Brush Memories.

    You can record the Editor settings into those memories, and you can playback the contents of those memories into the Editor.

    You can use the appropriate menu commands in there to do that.

    You can also do it directly in the interface by option clicking the appropriate memory button in the interface to record into it, and by clicking the appropriate memory button to play its contents back into the interface.

    This memory button paradigm is used throughout  Studio Artist.  Option click to record, press to play back.

    The PASeq timeline keyframe cells work exactly the same way for example.

    As do the MSG memories.  As do the Bezier path memories.


    So the Preset Mixer is a way to interactively mix 2 or 3 or 4 different paint path memories to derive new paint synthesizer editor settings, leading to different paint behavior and appearance.

    We'd like it to work with other op modes at some point (like vectorizer or ip op or warp effects), but it's a paint synthesizer only thing right now.

    We put some stuff in place in V5.5. behind the scenes to potentially add more op modes in the future, so maybe in V6.


    You can use the paint preset mixer while the paint synthesizer is running.  Although there are some constraints on live editing things associated with some of the path start control panel settings like the generator.

    You can also just click somewhere in it, then manually try out the new paint synth effect, repeat cycle until you find something you like.


    Studio Artist V5.5. has a new M Mutate button that is directly in the Preset Browser, and it is associated with the M button in the PowerTools Bar.

    Both of those let you mutate presets within the specific category you have setup in the preset browser.

    this kind of constrained mutation can be much more effective for getting high quality results quicker.

    Any kind of mutation process is going top involve trying things out, and throwing away the bad ones, and keeping the good ones.

    if you experiment with it you will figure that out pretty quickly.

    Of course what is 'good' and 'bad' is highly personal, so different people are going to make different aesthetic decisions about that.


    There are also automated mutation options in Gallery Show you should check out.

    If you look in the Studio Artist V5.5 group here on the forum, there is a description fo everything in gallery show and what it does.

    we'll be posting video tutorials on how to use it as soon as V5.5.5 is out the door here, which will be soon.

    • Your answer is awesome because it is complete. Thank You

    • Here's a tip on the workspace to help you understand different parts of Studio Artist.

      Here's a tip on using macro edits you might find useful.  You can also get at things like this in V5.5. using the Edit : paint Synthesizer : QuickEdit menus.

      The Studio Artist Blog is also a good source of info.


      The main canvas is located in the center of the main workspace window. Control palettes can be flexibly docked at the borders of the main workspace.…
      • Your answer is awesome because it is complete. Thank You

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