Hi John

Please is it possible to manually generate custom built path generators using the source image.

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That's what the paint synthesizer does. it generates custom paths from the source image. The controls in the path start, path shape, path end, and path application control panels all interact to allow for all kinds of different custom paint paths based on the source image.

Hi John

Again how can you route an effect obtain from the texture synthesizer and use it within a paint synth preset.

Will appreciate if you can expound on how to use the texture synth and paint synth together.


Dual Paint operation mode is the easy way to combine the texture synthesizer and the paint synthesizer in a single preset. Just select the texture synth to be your dual op.

To be honest, the texture synthesizer is really just an AdvTurbGen MSG processor combined with the different effect options in the Effect control panel. Historically it was in Studio Artist before MSG was added. So you could use MSG to build the texture synthesizer effects (plus so much more). And then you could embed any of those MSG presets as MSG Brush Load or MSG Brush Source in the paint synthesizer. So that would also be a way to use texture synth like effects directly inside of the paint synthesizer.

Again John please I have seen Bus1 and TG1 in most control panels of the paint synth. Could you please expound on how to use them.


You can set them up in the Misc control panel in the paint synthesizer. The TG1 is a temporal generator built into the paint synth. The Bus is a way to route other layer in as spatial modulators.

You can manually draw bezier paths when in bezier operation mode. those get drawn into the bezier path buffer associated with the current layer.

You can then use the path : paint paths : full layer menu command to paint in the bezier paths in the current bezier path frame with the current paint preset.

In the Path Shape control panel, there are several options under Path Type associated with the bezier path memories (1-2-3-4) and an internal bezier path memory contained within the paint synthesizer.

The bezier path memories are not stored within the paint preset. They are saved in a session file. So they are global memories.

The internal bezier path memory is saved within a paint preset. 


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