Please add some Exclude list for PASeq list

First thank the developers for debugging and solving Problems of texts and others in new releases, It is some days that I work all the time with SA and it works with the Best performance in 24 hours.

As usual, I have to say that the SA may also has these abbilites now, so if it is, guide me.

now Please Design a simple way in the gallery Show Mutate (or vector save) that we can add an "Exclude PASeq commands list" and "A global text":

Imagine that I have some PASeq with many commands in my facorite list that one of them is like this:
9657423070?profile=RESIZE_400xthis one has: 
AutoPaint (with some texts)

1-At first When I mutate my List I want force them to use "one text with one fonts" for all but now each one has itself text.

2-When I ask SA to mutate these PASeq it affects all of these and changes properties of each steps but some times I need to Mutate only AutoPaint in the lists (even Sometimes I want to mutate only "Paint Color Source" inside the AutoPaint no other parameters) Please think about this.

3-When we store the vector file, all these steps are stored in the file but sometimes I want Stream to SVG/EPS only 2 Steps (AutoPaint and last Skech because first skech has "_composite:Replace Region Selection") of these PASeq List and Force a global text to Save in all SVG too.


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  • Once again,  Lock is already an available option in the PASeq Editor for individual action steps.  It might be hidden from view by the timeline (partially obscured in your screen shot above), you can use the vertical splitter control to pull the timelime keyframe cell view to the right if it is hidden from view in your PASeq Editor setup.


    We're in the process of adding a SvgMute (the name might change but the idea will remain the same) checkbox to V6.   This will inhibit vector svg output from that action step if you are outputting svg from a PASeq.

  • MSG has this concept of being able to 'Lock' specific parameters. So it has checkboxes like the Mute in PASeq, but the Lock refers to preventing the locked parameter from mutating. 

    PASeq action steps have the exact same thing. There is a Lock checkbox you can use to turn off mutation and randomization for specific PASeq acrtion steps you don't want that to happen to.


    MSG Processors also have contextual edit commands to 'mutate the current processor'.  We could add that very easily to PASeq action steps.

    If we were not in feature freeze code lockdown for V5.5.5 i would just add it there today.  I can try to drop it into V6 pretty quickly, since we're actively developing the V6 code base at this point.


    Locking the text font would be an example of using a lock control in the main effect Editor panel, and then having that flow through to PASeq mutation.


    Yeah, the whole concept of being able to control what action steps output svg is something we need to address.

    Maybe a vector output mute?

    Without getting into the specifics right now, V6 is going to introduce some new vector output features within the context of the resolution independent feature expansions we have planned, so how we ultimately address what you are asking for with svg muting is goin gto depend on how those planned new feartues of the program ultimately develop in V6.

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