• You can run through the action : process movie with PASeq : source movie to movie menu dialog, and then hit cancel and ti will preview in the canvas until you hit the space bar to stop it.
    • Maybe a Preview process feature would be handy?
      • Yes, good idea.
        And if possible, also add a progress bar and/or time estimate of the duration of the process.
        • Oh, and while we're at it, a Pause feature for ALL processes that writeto disc would be very useful.
    • is there a way to click through each frame in the main canvas area?
      • If you click the PASeq timeline in the frame header at the top to move the current time to a specific frame, and then option click the PASeq play button to run the continue play command then it will play the PASeq at that frame time.

        So you could use that to preview specific frames. Assuming you aren't doing recursive processing, which is often the case with movie processing in Studio Artist. Since recursive processing depends on the results of the previous frame the only way to really preview is to start at the beginning and process frames one by one.
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Cloning - From Sampled Location Centre To Where Painted? How?

Dear Forum members, I'm atempting to create a cloner brush from which I can selected the sample point and paint from the sampled centre to a new location ( As one might do in Photoshop etc) but I'm having absolutely no luck.I've been attempting to use the features in Paint Source Offset > Tracking >Offset Start but it seems to be offsetting from the source image bounds (or some such voodoo) and not a specified sampled point.Any help in this matter would be greatly appeciated.

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Changing the edge of the oil textured tighten brush

I want to ask; I’ve been using the oil textured tighten brush.The problem Is when I use It on the edge of the picture, It leaves a sharp strait edge.I want to have an uneven/chaotic edge on the picture.There Is a strait sharp strait edge, I want It an uneven/chaotic edge.How do I get the an uneven/chaotic edge when I use the oil textured tighten brush, and keep the effect

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