I have recently found that certain jpgs  do not open correctly in SA for Windows. They come up as an entirely black image ! These jpgs open perfectly in PS or any other program I have that uses a jpg file. I may have processed some of these with the new Corel Aftershot and done other post processing, but that does not explain why they open normally in all other programs. Other jpgs open normally in SA. Re-saving in PS does not help and there are no layers.

Is this a known bug ? Any suggestions ?

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Nora, in SA do you have alpha enable set to on?

Thanks for the reply.

I have difficulty understanding this control for the alpha channel.. Going to canvas->alpha->set to, one gets

  Full off

  Full on



  I see no way to change these controls (there are no check boxes, etc) - What is the method for changing the settings ? The initialize option,for example, has check boxes.

If you select one of the options a check mark will show up next to the menu choice. But above the "Full off" choice there is a choice "enable for view"

if there is a check mark next to that then you have Alpha view enabled, and jpegs with an full black alpha would show up as black when you open them in SA. Turn off Alpha view and the jpeg should appear normal again.

Thank you. I got the alpha view enabled, but jpegs saved as progressive still open as black. I can get around this problem by not saving in progressive, and other photoediting programs do not seem to save in progressive, but it does appear rather odd. Again, any of my programs other than SA open such jpegs without problems.

Upload a zip compressed problem source image (or email it to me) and let me try it on one of our windows machines. The tests we have run so far show that progressive jpegs generated from photoshop open fine and are not black. And someone else on windows ran the test and got the same results we did. But we aren't using the same version of photoshop you are, so i'd like to try one of your images again.

My guess is that they will work fine on our windows machine, and if that is the case then we can try to work through what is unique about your particular windows machine via tech support email.

Here's a tip on working with alpha channels in layers.

The alpha : set to menus just set the current layer's alpha channel to whatever you choose, like full on, full off, the current selection buffer contents or the source image alpha channel. So there is not menu check, because you are running an action, not selecting a toggle-able option.


Liveart was thinking you had alpha view enabled and the layer's alpha channel was full off, which would give you a black view display (if you had black set as the default background in canvas : alpha : background). I don't think that's your problem, but worth checking i guess.

I thought you said the image was displaying in the source area as black. That's why i mentioned alpha channels in the source image in my first reply to this thread, but as someone pointed out, there isn't supposed to be an alpha channel in a jpeg image.

If you upload a zip compressed problem image, i'll try it on our windows machines here, and see if i get the same results you see, or something different.

Thank you John. Here is a zipped jpeg saved as a progressive


Like i thought, it loads and displays fine on our windows computers here. 

We should probably move this discussion to email at this point, because the problem appears to be associated with something specific to your computer that is causing the problem, as opposed to something everyone on windows sees.


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