Studio Artist Developers, Please join Twitter, Sometimes I really wish I could mention you below some tweets with great ideas, Social media may be addictive, but instead we can connect quickly and come up with interesting ideas.

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I think there is a Synthetik Software twitter account. That was setup and then basically never used.  They email me recommendations every day i ignore.

But you are right, we should promote our presence on Twitter and Facebook (ugh).

I think we might have killed our Synthetik Software facebook account at some point out of disgust for how they are destroying amerika.  Not to mention Myanmar.

It's weird, because i have major issues with facebook, the social media platform. But FAIR (facebook artificial intelligence research) lab is like a gift to humanity. So that part of facebook is super great.

Ning pre-dates both of them.  Unfortunately here we are heavily invested in the social media island out in the middle of the vast ocean (i'm referring to ning's presence on the social media scene), while the other 2 grew like jungle plants int he rain forest here in hawaii.

When Twitter started, i did not see the point.  But obviously i was wrong (not the first time).  People seem to take to it like crack cocaine.  They try a hit, and then they immediately want another one.


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Sam posted a discussion

can we have watercolor text in bitmap mode?

I always used vector mode for drawing with letters due to the limitations of 32-bit Windows (without any effect only type and letters), but in the new version, the question that comes to my mind is whether when drawing with letters In bitmap mode, can words be given watery effects when placed in a canvas? In such a way that it is calculated for each words/brushes and colors in its proper place?See More
2 hours ago
Thor Johnson replied to Synthetik Software's discussion Windows Movie File Formats
"It's 64 bit, 16 GB RAM, good nvidia graphics card for the time it was built (not at that machine right now).  I'll email you, thanks.  I'll try the image folder workaround too.  I have stuck with Windows 7 because I…"
3 hours ago
Paul Perlow posted photos
4 hours ago
Synthetik Software replied to Synthetik Software's discussion Windows Movie File Formats
"Win 7?   32 bit or 64 bit win 7? I get the desire to stick with something that works, and i'm certainly guilty of that as well.  Although ultimately it bites you in the ass at some point. We're only promising that Studio…"
5 hours ago
Thor Johnson replied to Synthetik Software's discussion Windows Movie File Formats
"On my Windows 7 machine, I can't get movie brushes to work unless they are at a size of 300 x 300 (or less), which is too small for my uses, so I have been having to use my Mac for the movie brushes that I make.  I mentioned this a long…"
8 hours ago
Synthetik Software posted a photo

a GS PaintMutate1

Grabbed this during stress testing of Studio Artist V5.5. I was using a mutate factory paint generative strategy, with additional smart generative paint options turned on to smart edit the initial mutated preset.
20 hours ago
David Buckle posted photos
Sam replied to Synthetik Software's discussion Windows Movie File Formats
"I do not know how useful these formats can be for SA, but I use these formats more in order: MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14)for using in social network I use:H.264 Codec & AAC audio, 30/40fps MKV(Matroska Multimedia Container format)MOV (QuickTime…"

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