simulating wrinkled paper

Hi,  had anyone found any crumpled paper paseqs or MSGs?

I was trying to create an effect that would give a picture a sence of being painted on crumpled piece of paper or being painted on a wads of crumpled paper. Without much luck. 

Even something vaguely crumpled would be good. At least I would have some where to start.


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  • Hi, I've scanned actual old paper and used it in one layer, while painting on it in another layer using alpha.

    But, to get the texture showing through, you could use the image operation preset called 'bring in source image and texture' and use an image of actual paper as your underlying texture, might be worth an experiment.

    You probably know all this, but it'll hopefully be useful to someone.

    • Thanks!

      Thanks for the tip about that IOP. I use Gradiant Lighting all the time, and never thought about using it that way. (LOL every day is learning experiece with SA)

      I thought about using a photograph of wrinkled paper but then decided to use Filter forge. It's got some nifty wrinkled/crumpled paper filters. The only problem is,  the finished image, still has parallel edges. The wrinkles look great, but the image itself, looks "wrong"

      Now that I think about, what I'm looking for, is outside of what Studio Artist does. to get wrinkled edges, you'd need something that plays with the actual geometry of wrinkles, and the the affect they have on the papers dimensions.

      LOL, maybe I'l just wind up printing an image, then crumple it by hand, and take a picture of it!

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