*Is it possible to create a section in next versions where we can change the features of the mouse?
in Pen Mode-->AutoDraw Interactive Mode:Let's change the mouse cursor symbol to the current stroke shape (Not the usual mouse shape) for text Draw(It is good to see the current shape for putting on canvas)? 

If the above possibility is realized, In Pen Mode-->AutoDraw Interactive Mode:Ability to select (with shortcuts or arrow keys) the previous and next character/shape.

Activate the Scroll wheel mouse to change the size of the current brush (now can change by pressing B and Dragging mouse).

if it is possible a Section to change the shortcuts at all.

*In drawing:
in PEN MODE-->Region DRAW-->Region Fill Type:
Now we can Select many options from Ellipse ... Ellipse TSP Grid. 

1-With Holding Shift and Dragging Keep the length-width ratio constant?
2-Is it possible to add an option for load Custom vector(SVG/EPS or any others) shapes (with filling and without filling) For example, I want to put simple math shapes in the environment myself so I can load them like Trapezius, Spiral and etc.?

*This case may be due to my bad English and lack of knowledge about the SA and it is still possible, but I do not know how to activate:
when I Select the Text as Brush Source and in Pen Mode I select FreeStyle when I draw a line by characters, all of them are draw by the colors of the first While I need each characters to get its own color from where it is located from the source just like when I use Autodraw Interactive in Pen Mode.

*I have said these problem once again and I know It is inside the operating system, but I will mention it again as a reminder, maybe you can find a solution for it;
There is no problem in placing characters in left-to-right languages, but there is a problem in designing for right-to-left languages.
I think now the zero / zero point of each character in the fonts is at the bottom left, but for right-to-left languages, the zero point for each character is at the bottom right, that is, when I design something in the software with right-to-left letters, everyone is on the right. They take while in our language everyone should be on the left.
Of course, I would like to remind you that in the current version 5, we have a problem with our language in general, at first sometimes some text display with square boxes and because in our language, the letters stick together, but in some cases, in the design mode, all the letters are placed separately in the canvas, for example, I have (سهلا) But in the program, it appears (ا ل ه س) that the shapes are 
in mirror mode (just like "hello" that appears "O L L E H") and separated letters and it looks like there is a space between all the characters, which in other graphic programs has been fixed for almost a while, I hope In our new version, this problem has been solved somehow there are some recommendations for developer in Microsoft website maybe useful (I'm not sure).

Thank you for your time and attention.

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Lot's of good ideas here.  It may take me a few posts to address all of them over time since i'm in code crunch mode here right now.

Loading custom vectors stuff.

It's definitely on our to-do list.  It will not be in the V5.5 release (unless i get truly inspired, but i really shouldn't since we need to get it out the door). 

We will see what the format will be.  Although all you have to do is look at what is actually inside of an illustrator eps file to understand why we're never going to support that kind of thing.

So you have asked about more text support before.  And we definitely want to do it.

There are substantial issues associated with the current flow through of text into our vector rendering.  That is based on the historical development of the paint synthesizer.  Especially for flowing through as vector for vector output. So that prevented some of what you want from getting into V5.5. Or when you get it you realize it's not really what you wanted exactly (like flowing text through the current bezier path frame, which we do let you do in a limited way in V5.5). 

But we do want to address it in some way.

And yes, we are extremely english left-to-right self-centered at this point in time.  And the paint synth was built to deal with individual characters as nibs.

So there need to be 'word' nibs.

And the 'indexing' through the text needs to be more flexible.

Again, Studio Artist was not built to be a 'layout' program. So i understand you comments about other programs, but they are essentially 'layout' programs at their core.

I think we will get to where you want us to be, but probably not until V6.

Dynamic display for what you see at the pen position (as opposed to the standard arrow or hand curious kind of things).  Definitely would be a V6 thing.

I'm assuming you want to see the current  brush shape there? Or some simulacron the various cases where there is no physical brush shape.


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