• The way gallery show works in V5.5 is as follows.

    Each gallery how (GS) cycle takes the following form below.

    1: Start Cycle processing

    2: Auto-mask selection generation (if turned on).  The auto-mask selection is then applied to the rest of the GS cycle (main technique and end cycle).

    3: Main Technique

    4: End Cycle processing.


    So if you want to do what you described,

    step1: paseq1

    step2: masking

    step3: paseq2

    then you could setup GS as follows

    start cycle - use paseq1

    setup the auto mask option for what you want to use

    main technique -use paseq2


    You could make 2 favorites folders, one that contains paseq1, and the other than contains paseq2.

    You could set your current favorites folder to be the paseq1 folder, and setup start cycle processing to use the current favorites.

    You could set your process folder to the paseq2 folder, and then set your main technique to use the process folder.


    There are other ways you could set it up.  But in V5.5 if you want to use specific preset files for things like start cycle, end cycle, main technique, then the easiest way to do it is to drop them in a folder, and then associate the folder with the specific part of the GS cycle you want them to run in.

    In the next version we are working on you have additional options to setup gallery show, like gallery show memories, a second process folder, etc.  The new memories make it easy to try out different gallery show configurations on the fly quickly.

    If you put multiple preset folder in the folder you are using for a particular part of the GS cycle, then one of the preset files in the folder is randomly selected and used for the current GS cycle.  This allows you to build variability into the art process you are building as your custom GS cycle.

    • thanks john for your suggestions, i'll try to get it this day


      • 10934475260?profile=RESIZE_930xjohn: your described toggle-methods rare now running well for me, thanks a lot

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