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I am stuck. I would like to "lessen" the watershed step effect that I get in this, but I cannot figure out how to do so. I like the look of the deep saturated areas but not the lighter "steps" that happen in inbetween. I would like to remove those "in-between lighter areas-hope that makes sense! Any ideas on what I could do to mitigate? Thanks!

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If you can post the preset you are using i might be able to comment further. Otherwise (without knowing how it's setup), it's a matter of playing with the different effect controls.

Thank you! I have attached the preset I am currently working with. 


Ok, looked at the preset. I thought you were referring to one of the Watershed ip op effects before i downloaded your preset below. But it's a paint preset using the watershed dm path start generator.

I'm still unclear on how you want to change it. What exactly do you mean by the 'watershed step effect'? Are you talking about the spacing of the paths that fill in the watershed regions? Or?

There are a lot of different things you can adjust in the paint preset. Like the spacing or fill pattern of the path shape regionize fill (region pattern spacing and region pattern type).

Or any of the different control sin the Paint Fill Apply control panel, which is going to change the coloring quite a bit. You have Dif Darken option for Composite in Paint Fill Apply. So you could change that.

Thank you! I will work with these two settings. 


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