I had prior problem with disappearance of a Favorites category I created. When all else failed, I uninstalled Studio Artist 5 (running on Win 10) and then reinstalled it. After running it a few times, my lost Favorites category  (called My_Favorites_0517) reappeared!

I would like to back up these favorites but cannot find them in any folder on my computer.

I am baffled and do not understand where Studio Artist stores these or how they could spontaneously reappear after an uninstall/reinstall. I have only one copy of Studio Artist on my computer.

"My Favorites", has a folder. But when we create an additional  Favorites category using Edit->Preset-> Make New Favorites Category, where are they stored?


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The favorites category folders are stored inside of the Favorite folder which is stored inside of the Preset folder in your main Studio Artist folder.

Here's a tip on working with Favorites. It explains where the Favorite folder is located inside of your Preset folder.

Sorry. When I reinstalled SA, I created a folder called "Utilities_New". That one shows up where you stated. But the other Favorites category, "NewFavorites0517", that mysteriously reappears as a category in Favorites (disappeared on prior installation) has no folder to be found anywhere on the drive. I would like to back this up but there is absolutely no folder, despite the ability to use it as a favorites category, as if there was a folder. Any ideas?


If studio artist is loading it into the preset browser then the category folder and associated preset files are on your computer.

You could try searching in the finder for individual preset file names in it?

You might also want to check your file system's indexing integrity using disk utility.

You could also export the individual preset files to a folder on your desktop. then back that up.


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