Where is ProRes & co?

I have both FCPX and Davinci Resolve innstalled on my Mac, and the ProRes codecs are available on both those applications. But not Studio Artist. It is not a choice when I select codec from streams in the File menu. Where is it hiding? Anyone have a clue or experienced the same problem? 



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  • Yes, that is correct.

    V5.5 gives you a limited set of codec output options for movies.

    If you want to use ProRes in V5.5, you will want to output as a folder of numbered frame images, and then import that into FCPX.


    We are going to resolve that for everyone in V6.  But not in V5.5.


    I could start a long rant about how apple f---ed over their long time developers when they killed off the quicktime api, but i'll save myself the blood pressure rise.  You can use the ning email feature to contact me directly if you feel you want to discuss that.


    If you need info on dealing with the numbered frame import into FCPX, i can get Victor to post something to help you out.

    • OK - thanks. I am actually on v.5 - but I suppose the problem is the same. D


      • SA V5 comes in 2 flavors on the mac, the 32 bit V5 build that does support ProRes via quicktime api, and the 64 bit V5 build that has no movie file io support (because there is no 64 bit quicktime api). 

        If you are running osx 10.14 or earlier, then you can run the 32 bit app and access Pro-Res codecs.

        You would need ProRes codecs that are 32 bit codecs installed on your computer.  Apple has this annoying tendency to 'erase the past', so i doubt you could even find them on their web site anymore, and recent FCP installs would not install them.


        SA V5.5 is 64 bit only.  We are using a new cross platform 64bit engine for movie file and live video support.

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