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Studio Artist V5.5 Presets

I'll try to drop some specific Studio Artist V5.5 presets in this forum thread.

To start the ball rolling, here is a preset for an art strategy i call the 'Simplified Geodesic Approach'.  You can see the end result below.  It builds an adjacent rast

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MSG Src Abstractor

I was using MSG to build some procedural canvas images to test the new Canvas : Canvas to: Style menu command , and bumped into a MSG preset that was working as a source abstractor. So i tweaked that factory preset a little bit, and got this one. I t

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Presets from yesteryear


I'm some really old guy with little computer sense, so forgive me if I sound totally darkish.

I learned a little about SA in the art department of my publishing house when I had a job...a long time ago.  They had Studio Artist 4.  I never got abo

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