Rabbit chow drawing Presets for fun.

Created with the attached Presets... Just doodling... Tried experimenting with layers and alpha. I still don't get SA layer/alpha after all these years... But the experimentation is fun. Presets included.

These can be set to work with the action button... But are more fun to draw with.


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  • Had another wee play. Really like  the watercolor/pastels mix feel of this brush Craig. It's a very quick method of sketching out a color mood.



    • Mark,

      Fabulous! I have been quietly admiring your postings and use of SA as a "painting" tool.

      I have been dying to ask how you do them - and at the same time don't want to know.

      These rabbit chow Presets made me think of your rich textured images... I liked the fast but textured look that they give - without doing more than direct drawing.

      Glad they are useful!



    • They are very useful. I think they're wonderful particularly in how they blend at the edges. I'm really looking forward to playing some more and I'll post these up to let you see Craig.

      Playing with them brought up some learning experiencing true of all brushes it seems i.e how brushes behave at different resolutions, with that in mind I made some quick brush variations with image scale in mind - started off a lower rez's to block in and higher rez variations for detailing or line effects etc.


      They also work really sweetly as dodging/burning variations too.

    • Craig and all - here's my variations to date on these brushes.



    • Here's another update on these with some new additions to over sketch the rabbit chow. An advertising man would tell you "these additions make you the envy of other studio artist users as well as making you more attractive to the opposite or same sex  - depending".


      Ciao coniglio.




  • A really sweet brush, especially the granular watery edges it creates. It's a lovely brush for soft tendrils effects too I've found.


    Thanks Craig.

  • Very cool. Thanks.
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