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The idea of applying a watercolor like stroke effect over a text piece was brought up. I am sure there are ways to fill text shapes with a wet watercolor effect - however - this actually caught my attention for a different reason. 

I have in the past poked around in the SA feature: Bezier Draw. menu: Operation/Bezier/Bezier Draw. Drawing freehand in this area creates a series of beziers that can have a Paint Synth preset (PS presets) applied by running the menu: Path/Paint Paths/Full Layer. Applying a PSp by invoking Paint Paths can be pretty interesting. I thought it might be fun to apply various PS presets to some bezier hand drawn letters.

The set of PS presets attached here are tests to see how a watercolor like effect could be applied to a bezier path - or how they might look drawn freehand (the attached image is an example of each of the presets as they appear alphabetically - drawn freehand. These were actually applied to a layer (set to Mult 1) on top of a watercolor paper background layer. Many apply two "coats" (Paint Synth Editor Path Application/Repeat Stroke) to achieve a slightly lighter or darker center. Switching Repeat stroke to 1 also produces a nice effect as seen in the second row from bottom.

The look of the presets gives a nice wet watercolor effect - if a little more transparent than the example in the thread mentioned above. The actual painting experience is fun as well.

The "drawovertest" set are represented in everything but the bottom row. The bottom row are a couple with "crossbrush" in the name.


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My dumb attempt at using cd_drawovertest with some bezier op mode text draw bezier paths. That bezier draw mode is not finished in V5.5.0, which will be obvious if you play with it.

So i typed in text, and the program generated the bezier paths. As opposed to how Craig did it, drawing them manually with pen pressure.


The text in your sample does look surprisingly "wet", even with the way the preset draws on typed text. Like TOO much water added. Drips help! ; )

I see where some adjusting would need to happen to make something like these work on bezier text (typed text). I will see what I can come up with.

You are correct. I was hand drawing with a stylus and pressure changes seem to be recorded nicely into the bezier strokes. I find the idea of being able to play back drawn beziers with different paint synth presets pretty exciting. My hand is a little too shaky to create calligraphic text...

Actually, bigger, rougher presets - played back on bezier strokes, tend to disguise all the shakiness - which is also very nice! Hand drawing would be how I would attempt  something like the original sample: 

It is a little discouraging that the sample here seems to have been generated with filters in Maya:

The fact that a good emulation of natural media, like the Maya filters, is possible even with 3D - is one of the reasons I like (something like) natural media effects (mostly texture) but something unique to digital. The "crossbrush" vector based presets have the texture and are something new. 

I added a few manual drip water touches from a water drip preset in the V5.5 factory set.

It might make more sense for bezier paths generated from text to use one of the Region Fill as Brush Generator options that have Stroke in their name (Centered Stroke maybe). So the entire path just generates one region that tries to emulate a paint stroke. You could modulate that using something like Sin Path length in the Size Modulation in brush Modulation control panel.

The Miscellaneous control panel lets you define override modulation for pressure or tile when you aren't using those interactively. So the override kicks in for automatic painting, and you don't have to re-edit all of the existing parameters that use pressure or tile modulation.

I'm looking at that, and it looks like SinPathLength is missing, so i guess i better add that.  You do have Path Length or Symmetric Path Length in there as override options.

The Maya thing is obviously a shader based thing.  You will have to wait for V6 to get access to shader effects.


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