A place to discuss MSG related issues. MSG stands for modular synthesized graphics and allows Synthetik users to build their own custom processing effects.

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  • I know this is probably a long shot, but is there any way to get a non-MSG image into MSG for manipulation in Evolution Editor or MSG Advanced Editor? Presumably this would be the equivalent of resynthesis in the audio world.
    • You can build MSG presets that process a source image. Either directly like an image processing chain. Or indirectly, where the input image acts to modulate generative things within MSG.
    • Thanks.
      Is there a tutorial or reference in the User Guide that explains how exactly to do that?
    • Intro to MSG is here.

      Abstracting a source image using MSG is here.

      Using the MSG Advanced Editor is here.

      In the integrated help window in studio artist is a section titled MSg Editing COmmands.
      A number of auto-configuration options are there to setup simple MSG presets that process the source.

      If you search with 'source' in the preset browser under msg you will find a bunch as well.

      Any questions i'm happy to answer them. Start a topic thread with them if it is still confusing.
      Introduction to MSG
      MSG – Modular Synthesized Graphics MSG stands for Modular Synthesized Graphics. MSG is a modular image processing architecture that allows you to bui…
    • Thanks. Is there any way to get a source image or a processed version thereof into the Evolution Editor?
    • Whatever is the current source is going to pass through to the various MSG presets in the Evolution Editor previews. So the next time the preview images are computed, the latest Source is used as the input. Are you asking for a way to update the existing previews on command to the current source?
      We could make it a MSG preference option maybe?
  • Hi. Let's say I've found an image in MSG using Evolution Editor with colors I want to continue with. Is there a way to lock the palette to those colors for subsequent evolutions? My primary goal is to generate a sequence of images that share that palette. It also looks like there are some palette controls in GS as well that might accomplish something similar? Thanks!
    • If you hold the cursor above the MSG Advanced Editor preview display, and then look at the right side of the status area (bottom of the workspace), you will see a help tip that includes a bunch of hot key commands. Holding down the hot key while clicking the preview cell modifies the behavior of the preview cell to evolution editor behavior. There are 2 options there for mutate the color only, or mutate the processor chain only and not the color.

      Putting lock options directly inside of the color palette and color gradient tabs is probably a good idea.
      We're beefing up the MSG features in the next version, so we'll take a look at that.

      Gallery Show does pass through the modified source palette to MSG when running a GS Technique that works with MSG in V5.5.5 (not in earlier versions). This would be the Palette Option in the Gallery tab in preferences.
      In pre_V6 you can select a palette cache, and can redirect the cache location as well to any folder you want. So that would be an easy way to restrict the coloring of what gets passed into MSG in gallery show.
      You could always select an image for the Style that has the coloring you want, and then use the 'Gen from Style' option for the GS Palette Option.
  • That is excellent info John.  Thanks!
  • If you option drag a processor in the processor chain list it makes a copy of it.
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