A place to discuss MSG related issues. MSG stands for modular synthesized graphics and allows Synthetik users to build their own custom processing effects.

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  • That is excellent info John.  Thanks!
  • If you option drag a processor in the processor chain list it makes a copy of it.
  • Is it possible to duplicate processors in the processor chain?  I've got a processor that I'd like to duplicate and edit by hand and was wondering if that's possible without having to either export/import a preset or drag one over from the processor library and editing by hand.
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How to emulate the old MSG Evolver ArtMapper in SA V5.

SA 5 has some features that make it fairly easy to get going simulating the old MSG Evolver ArtMapper. The SA5 paint synthesizer is very flexible, and can emulate what the old ArtMapper did.  I posted this as an answer to a forum discussion today, but i'm duplicating it here for future reference for people interested in the topic. First, you want to make a path start regionize paint preset. So, there is a paint synth macro edit command that allows you to create a default path start…

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Studio Artist V5 MSG Processors List

A full list of all of the MSG processors included with V5 of Studio Artist (644 in all) can be found in the 'Src' tab of the MSG Advanced Editor.  In order to find which ones are new with V5, I compared that list with the V4 list (568 processors) in its MSG editor, and extracted the names of the 76 new ones--see the attached list plus the brief sample below:   1C Abstract2A 1C Abstract7Mod 1C Delaunay6 1C DiamondFigure 1C DiamondFigureTile 1C Grid Mod 1C NineBlock 1C NineBlock1 1C NineBlockTile…

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Two MSG Features that Prompt Artistic Self-Discovery

Suppose you want to find out more about what kind of artist you are, or would like to be. There are two features of MSG that make it a very powerful jump-starter for these kinds of artistic self-discovery or improvement. (To follow along, start by choosing 'MSG Advanced Editor' from the SA Windows menu). The first jump-starter is provided by the Help menu (press Cmd-8 on a Mac to bring it up), when you choose 'MSG Editing Commands', and then some specific item such as 'Abstract…

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Quilt Pattern Generators

There is a discussion about MSG based quilt pattern generator processors and how to use them available here. the quilt pattern generator processors are designed to be stacked together to create more complex patternings. The example above uses 2 stacked 3C QuadBlock Tile CP processors to create the abstract procedural patterning. It's also using built in drop shadowing to build a sensation of depth into the image. The MSG preset for the example above is attached below.Stacked QuadBlock Tile2

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