Blank window for MSG Advanced Editor

Just found out about the program last night, fell in love, bought it so I am speaking from a position of ignorance, but...


When I bring up the MSG advanced editor, all I get is a blank window with "MSG Advanced Editor" in the title bar.  I thought I probably needed to load something.  I brought up the MSG presets and selected one - no change.  I right clicked in the advanced editor window and selected "Import Preset", went and selected a preset from the presets in the program directory.  The preset appears in the preset window and runs when I press the action button, but still nothing in the Advanced Editor window.  I have suspicions that this may be because I installed a trial version before the retail version.  When I tried to import the preset mentioned previously, it initially pointed me to the old "Studio Artist Trial" directory rather than the retail version's directory which seems a bit suspicious.


In any event, nothing I've been able to think of has gotten anything but a blank directory in the advanced editor.  Am I doing something wrong?


Darrell Plank

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  • The trial and release program both use the same studio artist settings file. The settings file keeps track of things like where you last imported or exported each preset file type. And it is saved whenever you quit studio artist, and read in whenever you restart studio artist. So because you ran the trial first, it was still referencing the last preset you imported for that preset file type, which happened to be in the trial preset folder. Once you import a preset for that preset file type from the release preset folder, then it will reference that location the next time you try to import.

    • Your right - it does now point me to the retail version's folder but still is only a blank window after the import.

  • I am attaching a screen capture. I am not exactly sure what you are expecting to see in the MSG window. However I have noticed that on occasion when I first open the program the MSG editor is blank until I click on one of the panel choices or one of the processing chain choices.

    What you will see when you click on these may not be particularly intelligible to a first time user. The MSG advanced editor is not where I would recommend a new user first experiment. But to each their own. The parameter panel will self-populate with the settings/operations of the selected processing chain step. In the example of my attachment had I selected the advturb step there would have been much more in the parameters window. 2472655781?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Oh and welcome to the wonderful world of SA. Enjoy your explorations..

    • Yes, I've seen this information in the advanced editor window in documentation but only in documentation.  I would love to see it in mine.  What I see is the title bar at the top of the window where it says "MSG Advanced Editor".  Below that - nothing.  Not the preview I see in your window nothing that the red arrows are pointing to - all I have below the title bar is a big white field of nothing.  Just so nobody is mistaken about this, I'm attaching a pic of my advanced editor window.  I included a bit of the help window it's docked below:


    • On windows, it's possible for the MSG Advanced Editor and PASeq Palette internal control views to be pulled all the way to the right, hiding everything in them other than a thin vertical splitter control. If you mouse down on the far right side of the window and pull the vertical splitter control to the left the contents will appear in view.

    • Hooray!  Thanks so much!  That was it!  I love the program and can't wait to see what I can do on it.  I'm really amazed that it's at version 4 and I've not heard of it prior to a few days ago.  I'm SO excited to get started!

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