Using MSG Presets in the Paint Synthesizer

MSG presets can be used to build stand along processing effects, or to generate procedural art imagery as well as procedural animation effects. But you can also use MSG presets as a way to expand the functionality of the paint synthesizer. A MSG preset can be embedded into a paint synthesizer preset. Because MSG is a modular processing architecture, you can build all kinds of different modular image processing effects that can then be incorporated into paint tools for digital painting.

MSG preset can be used as Path Start generators, as Path Shape generators, as MSG Brush Load processors, and as MSG Source Brushes within the paint synthesizer. The first 2 (path start and path shape generators) are speciality functions that only work with specific MSG processors that generate scan patterns as a part of their internal processing. So they are keyed to the functionality of a specific generator processor (as opposed to the full functionality of a complete MSG preset that processes and generates an image output). The last 2 use the full MSG preset to generate a brush load image, or a source brush image dynamically while painting.

Temporal Generators (TG) within a MSG preset can be keyed to modulate based on interactive paint modulators like pen pressure, tilt, tilt orientation. Time based TG oscillators can be used in the paint synthesizer in several different ways. TG's can time advance based on frame processing time, or based on path length in individual paint strokes, or on path count.

Here's a tip on using MSG to extend the paint synthesizer.

Here's a tip on on working with MSG Live Source Brushes in the paint synthesizer.

Here's a tutorial on building a MSG source brush paint preset from scratch.

Here's a tutorial on building a custom MSG brush load paint preset.

Here's atutorial on making a MSG source brush.

Here's a tutorial on programming dynamic MSG source brushes.

Here's a tutorial on using temporal generators to generate live variations in MSG embedded paint presets.

Here's an article that discusses using a MSG preset that generates an IFS chaotic attractor image to generate a dynamic MSG derived source brush used for painting.

Here's an article that discusses MSG based path start generators.

Here's a tutorial on animating a painting chaotic attractor.


You can also use MSG presets as the live image processing part of a dualmode paint effect. Here's a few articles that discuss this.

Here's a tutorial on dualmode paint animation of an evolving MSG chaotic attractor.

Here's a tutorial on mouse modulation of MSG based DualMode paint effects.

Here's a tutorial on using MSG evolution to dynamically build new dual mode paint effects.

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