A place to discuss MSG related issues. MSG stands for modular synthesized graphics and allows Synthetik users to build their own custom processing effects.

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  • Hi,
    I noticed that when MSG memories are saved, SA always opens the Applications folder, and displays "Studio Artist 5.5 Trial" as the default file name.
    This happens, even after I've save previous memories to different location.
    The same thing happened when I import a memory. The system always displays the applications folder.
    Can this be fixed in new release, please?
    Any time a file is saved, the location should be saved in a preferences folder, so that when the same file type is saved again, we won't be forced to remember and locate the folder.
    • SA V5.5.5 is tracking the last location on disk where i exported a MSG animation memory for me when i run the test here.
      Those 'last file location' settings for the various file types are saved in your SA V5.5.5 preference file. That should be updated every time you quite Studio Artist.
    • I'll look into the preference file.
    • Nope... Msg memories gets saved to the same location, no matter how many times I save it to another location. Is there physical preference file I can look at, to see whats, what? i looked through the SA app directory and didn't see anything resembling a preference file.
    • Not sure what to say since it works fine here when we test it. Something weird associated with file preferences on your computer perhaps?

      Preferences are stored in apple's magical hidden preferences folder, which is where they want application preference files to be stored for some bizarre reason.
      That magical directory is located in Users/yourname/Library/Preferences. Note that the Library folder is hidden, so it won't show up in the finder unless you have it configured to show hidden folders and files.
    • I went to the extreme and re-installed 5.5.5.
      I looked at com.synthetik.StudioArtist55.plist, to see what the original setting were, ( they were /Applications /Studio Artist 5 5.5)
      I changes most of the the base settings, to a new location. Including MSGMemories
      I restarted SA, and looked at the settings I changed. All except MSGMemories has changed

      I Opened the plist, to look at the settings. everything look ok. Except I didn't see any setting for MSGMemories.

      Whats is the parameter you use to store the location for MSGMemories?

      MainWindow.size @Size(2559 1335)
      MainWindow.pos @Point(1 25)
      LastFileName.VectorizerPreset /Users/agamemnon/Desktop/New pics/WORKING STORAGE/Current/MSG PRESETS/ Thick Paint.V
      LastFileName.PaintSynthPreset /Users/agamemnon/Desktop/New pics /WORKING STORAGE/Current /MSG PRESETS/SwirlsColor Palette
      LastFileName.TexSynthSynthPreset /Users/agamemnon/Desktop/New pics/WORKING STORAGE/Current /MSG PRESETS/Messy_Distress.TS
      LastFileName.DualModePreset /Users/agamemnon/Desktop/New pics/WORKING STORAGE/Current/MSG PRESETS/ ChalkyActionAtADistance.DP
      LastFileName.IpOpPreset /Users/agamemnon/Desktop/New pics /WORKING STORAGE/Current/MSG PRESETS/ Brush Simplify Palletized 3.IOP
      LastFileName.MsgPreset /Users/agamemnon/Desktop/New pics/WORKING STORAGE/Current/MSG PRESETS/ BlueNun.msg
      LastFileNameSession /Users/agamemnon/ Desktop/New pics/WORKING STORAGE/Current/MSG PRESETS/BlockWithTexture.session
      LastFileName.Gradient /Users/agamemnon/Desktop/New pics/WORKING STORAGE/Current/MSG PRESETS/ BlocksWithTexture.ColorGrad
      LastFileName.Palette /Users /agamemnon/Desktop/New pics /WORKING STORAGE/Current/MSG PRESETS/ BlocksWithTexture
      LastFileName.PASeqPreset /Users/agamemnon, Desktop/New pics /WORKING STORAGE/Current/MSG PRESETS/BlocksWithTesture.PAS
      LastFileName.CanvasSave /Users/agamemnor Desktop/New pics /WORKING STORAGE/Current/JUNK
      LastFileName.source /Users /agamemnon/Desktop /New pics /WORKING STORAGE/Current/DawnAwakening v5.tif
      RecentSource.path0 /Users/agamemnon/Desktop /New pics /WORKING STORAGE/Current /DawnAwakening v5.tif
      Preference.processFolderGallery / Users/agamemnon/Desktop /New pics/WORKING STORAGE/Current
      Preference.srcFolderGallery /Users/agamemnon/Desktop /New pics/WORKING STORAGE/Current
      RecentSource.path1 /Applications/Studio Artist 5.5.5 /A Few Source Images and Movies /Images/WomanBlueBackground.jpg
      LastFileName.TlpOnPreset /Applications /Studio Artist 5 5.5
      LastFileName.userHelpFileName /Applications /Studio Artist 5 5.5
      LastFileNameMovieStream /Applications /Studio Artist 5 5 5
      LastFileName.EvolConfig /Applications /Studio Artist 5 5 5
      LastFileNameEps /Applications /Studio Artist 5 5 5
      LastFileNamebrush /Applications /Studio Artist 5 5 5
      LastFileName.FormatCanvasSave *.tif
    • This field in the PLIST, "LastFileName.EvolConfig", stores the value for MSG memories. If you change the field's value, MSG memories will be stored there.
      SA still won't let me chose another location, but at least I no longer have to remember where I stored MSG memories
  • I know this is probably a long shot, but is there any way to get a non-MSG image into MSG for manipulation in Evolution Editor or MSG Advanced Editor? Presumably this would be the equivalent of resynthesis in the audio world.
    • You can build MSG presets that process a source image. Either directly like an image processing chain. Or indirectly, where the input image acts to modulate generative things within MSG.
    • Thanks.
      Is there a tutorial or reference in the User Guide that explains how exactly to do that?
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