A place to post pictures made by other softwares, or digital art pictures you want to share. It can also be a source  for the developement of new features for future versions of S.A. 

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  • is there any way you can put a status bar in the MSG so you know approximately how long something will take.
    • We'll look into it.
  • Windows user here.
    Like the option to produce movies with a codec that allows for alpha (transparency). AVI?
    • I wanted to point out that you could use the folder of frame images output option for movie processing or animation output to output numbered PNG frame images that incorporate alpha channels. Then import that folder or png frames into premiere or whatever video editor you use.
    • Which codec within the avi wrapper that supports embedded alpha would you like to see?
  • You might expect to see point clouds as a canvas option at some point in the future.

  • Lack of a 3D canvas in SA maybe the challenge.

  • It would be cool to figure out how to do the illusion sculpture idea where you had 2 or more different image views built into it. So if you stood on one side you saw one coherent image, and then a different one when you stood on the other side.

    If you want to experiment with this kind of thing, you could. probably use the Vectorizer, sort the regions by size, place the biggest ones in the back and smaller ones as you moved forwards.

  • One of my concerns as we travel on the path of technological brilliance and application to art is the loss of heart and soul. The artistic message and expression should newer be lost. The illusion sculptures are brilliant but are vacuous in regards to feelings. Fortunately Studio Artist can be used for personal expression. However do not be blinded by the light. I urge everyone to find a personal message and transcend the sterile application of the software alone.

  • Illusion Sculptures


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Artistic Style Transfer Tutorial

So Craig recently asked about artistic style transfer in another discussion on the main forum.  I thought about it a little bit, and let's dive into it.  What i want to start out with is a lecture from a Stanford neural net course from 2017.  The lecture is on Feature Visualization in deep learning neural networks. Now, a lot of what is discussed in this lecture is going to be way over the heads of most people who frequent our user forum, since they are artists, not deep learning practitioners…

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