A place for folk to share if they are presenting Studio Artist created work out in the world. Gallery exhibition, live performance, feature film, etc.

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  • Ah, here is the link to the exhibit at LACDA this week.

    Digital Art
    Digital art defines the contemporary. The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art is dedicated to the propagation of all forms of digital art, digital pho…
  • I finally get to show off hand drawn animation created through Studio Artist starting this week at the Los Angeles Center For Digital Art (LACDA), of which I am a represented artist. This is a group show of featured video artists, and my video is the third in a series I am currently working on. This is the first time I have incorporated hand drawn animation into a non-animated video. I will be working more with Studio Artist this way in the next episode in this series. Very glad that I purchased this software years ago - it continues to amaze me with its flexibility and potential to adapt to creation by hand, which is the background I come from. Hurray!

    Strange Sound III (Attachment Not Necessary For Operation)

  • You could try sending him a message via the send a message link on his member page. I think there is some problem with his normal email right now. 

  • My last contact with him was some time ago, He told me he was interested in one of my pieces and then I never heard from him again. 

  • Hi folks

    I'm wondering if anyone knows if Mr. Laske's show and calls for submissions is still a go ?

    I've emailed him but got a bounce and thought one of the members here might have an insight.

    Much appreciated.

  • From January 17 till February 3, students of my Art academy are having a exposition in the Muze, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. Around 150 students from drawing, painting, photography, etc presenting a selection of their work. I'm proud to be one of them with a SA-work!9073673458?profile=original


  • Unless we remount it Feb 1-3 only.


  • Oh… Ridiculous! The three days of your performance are the three days I'm going to be out of town. I can't believe it I really wanted to see it. Tell me it really isn't just February 1-3…!
  • very cool idea
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Pictures from a recent (December 2012) dance project of mine. Projections incorporated rotoscoped video processed with Studio Artist as well as some effects of "drawing" by doing a screen grab of a single paint preset. The bottom right hand image should look familiar to many. It is more or less Hal right out of the box. Projection was a screen grab of that painting while showing an increasingly detailed drawing. I hope to put together an edit of the video recordings of the show that would…

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