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  • thanks, I can't help myself!
  • thank you richard for your comments. I like the classical genuiness in your compositions and the subtle richness use of textures in your work, in my mind: a musically impression.

  • thankyou......i only just spotted this comment wall..............must b a new feature

  • I do it in a similar way although, I do blend layers if I am not getting what I want otherwise ( or to see what I might be missing). I wind up saving lots of versions and then select the one(s) I like.
  • Richard: I like your "scratchy" art style and design. After viewing your MrSoul I worked late into the early morning hours on some scratchy abstract art. Keep up the good work.
  • well for something "simple" there is a lot of complexity there. I like how you have subtly shaded the colors, and the use of line is great. Not just the curve and placement of the line but the texture and width of the line too.
  • Hand painted is nearly always better. One cool aspect of SA is that you can record the hand painted line as a bezier curve, then use the paint paths command to try different strokes. I posted an example of this using a drawing of an avocado a while back. link:
  • You are welcome. I like your hand painted look. In fact, thats what prompted my comment.
  • Nice to hear from you. Sorry it took so long to respond we spend a lot of time up at the lake in the summer. I never heard of Live Play but am always interested in new and old stuff. Love your abstracts.
  • Thank you for your comment :-)
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