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Comment by craig deeley on November 23, 2020 at 1:30pm

Revisiting what I was making with SA soon after I found the application. This one is from mid 2001.

This was made as a background for a panning scene for an animation. Characters running in place while the scene "sweeps" by. The style would have borrowed from semi abstract cartoon environments of the UPA era. The long image was made into a circular image that had a rotating Earth in the center for a continuously cycling version. I made the circular version in Photoshop (not knowing how this might be done in SA) and made it seamless.

What was utterly cool about "painting" this was I just selected (any old) Paint Synth Presets and painted. The awesome variety of the odd presets lent themselves to a cartoon abstract background - that would have been hours and hours in the making in any traditional medium. And a LOT of thinking about variety and how different textures/shapes might mean different environments. Just fiddling with presets and seeing what came out was a blast.

Comment by Paul Perlow on November 23, 2020 at 3:49pm

These are really nice pieces, Craig. Experimentation and fiddling are what its all about. Even the top graphic designers I have known work this way...playing in the sandbox and seeing what happens.


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