The first image I saved out of SA Sept 2000 according to Get Info.
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  • History in thye making... we have all come a long way, Craig
  • Paul,

    No kidding.

    I have been making images with SA for 20 years. I would think 20 years would make me some kind of expert. But I am still totally just an amateur.

    Unlike other art and animation applications that I navigate daily and feel like I am riding a familiar engine along a well worn track. When I open up SA and fiddle around with the Paint Synth Presets(where I spend all my time) and "paint" - I feel like I don't know what the vehicle I am in really is - and always end up driving it off the track. But in the process of getting into a wreck - I have a great time and somehow also produce some art. Or at least (to hang on to the driving metaphor a little longer) have fun in mid crash scene - flying (over the camera) in movie slow motion to who knows where.

    It's been that fun factor about SA that sold me from day one and has never diminished. Fun = something utterly rare in the digital art making world.

  • Thanks Craig.

    We're really trying to do something different than traditional 'Illustrator' or 'Photoshop' ways of looking at the art world.  And the emphasis is really on 'art'.

    I guess i think of a 'Photoshop' approach as essentially 'page layout' combined with 'image filters'.  

    And an 'Illustrator' approach is kind of page layout for vectors.  So Adobe is in the page layout business.

    Studio Artist is really about trying to stimulate artistic expression, encouraging playfulness, going off into nooks and crannies, having fun.

    I've been reading some papers on pure AI art generation, based on neural networks and art historian theories of how people perceive art.  And of course it gets glowing write ups, and accolades.  And then i looked at what it was generated that was so 'new' and 'fresh', and it looked like MSG presets from 10 years ago in Studio Artist.

    I think the other thing that is fresh about Studio Artist is that we've always focused on the artist and the computer working together as a team.  Rather than the computer doing all of the work, or the artist having to do all of the work. So i think that factor is what makes Studio Artist more 'fun' to use (certainly for me personally). 

    It might take me an entire day to make a single piece of art in one of the above programs, and it's a real chore (no fun).  I could make hundreds of compelling art images in Studio Artist very quickly (and have fun in the process).

  • Craig & John

    I understand what you mean and feel that sense of joy almost every time I open the program.

    I,too,feel like an amateur using Studio Artist (since about 2006 or perhaps earlier). Better said, SA uses me...The idea of a Muse guiding the Artist is totally applicable with this program. I have learned to point(start) in the direction I might have in mind and then follow where it leads me, The sense of constant discovery is what makes it so exciting...whether if be color combinations or the unexplainable appearance of the art. Everything always feels fresh and new. It actually has taught me personally to accept life as it is more and visually I now see and look for colors that I could never have seen or imagined.

    As a designer I am acutely aware of page layout aspect. However I allow the my primordial intuitive self full freedom within the confines of border limitations, Driving the car off the track is part of the appeal...If there is one thing that SA demands is constant experimentation. Success is built on the palette of failed attempts. I just keep trying and trying. Even when SA occasionally crashes, I do not get upset at the loss (hehehe...most of the time). I just start again and don't worry about loss.

    Generally speaking. people who design are control freaks. The need to control and order the universe to a perceived philosophy or result can often deaden the spirit. Life is messy at times. Out of the hubis new ways of life and art are born. The Vienna Secessionists had created an exquisite universe with their art and design. But the´perfection would be sterile to live in forever. Schiele was one artis who escaped the stereotypes, though.And he ended up in jail. His art was never as good after that.

    I purchased the Topaz Gigapixel for enlarging and love it with some reservations. The results can be too perfect. I am careful with the way I use it so that not everything is perfectly sharpened or good noise is eliminated. This One must be careful with AI.Going to a great "perfect "restaurant is exciting. But truth be told, I love home cooking more.
  • I would love to hear more about your experiences of what is good or bad when working with Gigapixel.  You should probably start that as a separate forum thread.  It will be extremely valuable feedback for me.  And from this statement you might catch a brief glimpse into what our plans are for the future.

  • I will do that later..
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