I'm working my way through individual image operation effects in Studio Artist V5.5.5 looking for any remaining cleanup issues.  This is all automated testing.  Which gallery show is amazing for.

I'm using the randome current ip op main technique in gallery show.  And a random folder of source images.  Nothing else.  This particular configuration is great to help visualize what individual ip op effects can do.  If you sit there and watch it run multiple gallery show cycles, you can learn a lot about the capabilities of the individual ipop effect.  The particular ip op effect being Line Screen Regionize.

Now this ipop effect can generate vector output if you like.  So you could output to resolution independent eps files in addition to the normal raster image output.

You can also embed any ipop effect that generates vector output into the paint synthesizer, for use as a paint path or paint region generator that works automatically off of whatever source image (and perhaps style image as well you are feeding it.  When you think about the potential for customization, the potential of just this one littl efeature buried inside of Studio Artist is infinite.

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