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  • That is a beautiful effect, Victor. Would you be willig to share your preset? Great work in any case.

  • Thanks Dennis,

    It is bascially our old friend TIME PARTICLES. (UPDATE: I have uploaded it to the "Cool Preset Sharing" group here on the ning site).

    As with much of my SA work, I didn't erase the previous frame before painting the new frame. Instead I use a subtle touch of the image operations Smart Blur & Displacement to help shift and blur the previously painted frame before applying the next paint. Keeping the particles very small (path length of 1) with a low spacing (1 also) makes for a very slight and organic motion on this large canvas. The source video (a large relatively motionless field of similar colors... a massively large aquarium... still frame below) helps with the minimalist approach. I thnk the audio also supports the atmospherics.




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