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Look back 2: 2007

9013422087?profile=original9013422462?profile=original9013422660?profile=original9013422285?profile=original9013422485?profile=originalon my way back to find old footage for my new tumblr-blog i found "material" on an old snowleo-machine. These were made with "alchemy", an open drwawing projekt and it still works for fun ...


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Flash back!

Flash is gone! (thanks steve;-)

there is still an old interactive "drawing"-project of mine (2002) – made with "golive" (html), "flash" (swf) and "absynth" (aiff) available in the internet:

9013422063?profile=original... so if your browser supports the "flash-plugin", you'll have access into this old max-shit, uahh;-)

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I am excited to share an article written about my current exhibition at TAG Gallery in Los Angeles. The works are entirely created with Studio Artist with some help from Photoshop. 

For anyone in the Los Angeles area, I am doing an artist walkthrough on Saturday, June 29 at 1 PM.
The gallery address is 5458 Wilshire Boulevard, near LACMA.



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I've been working on a certain technique with MSG evolution in Studio Artist using directed evolution, which is both fascinating and somewhat addictive. I then frequently take these frames into paint for touch up. I've finally collected vast numbers of frames and enough for quite a few videos, so the ambient video project is well under way. The videos will be submitted for exhibit, to various online video networks, and I'm interested in seeing whether ambient musicians or their labels might be interested in videos for their tracks.

Not every video will be 100% cg like this one... there will be video inter-mixed in others.

By way of background I'm a former video journalist, video editor, producer, documentary editor and writer. I was only in those related fields for about 15 years and then changed gears iin the 80's into graphic design, digital art, digital video and dabbling in video art. Because of work and other commitments I couldn't find time to stay with video art, that is until now and it's a welcome return.

I've got lots to learn and it's said years of learning ahead in SA, which I look forward to. At this point I've read some, but don't have much down in the way of process concerning video or some of the techniques I'd like to know more about.

That said, the process used for this series was well suited for the intent of these ambient videos, which by nature are, mostly a passive, background experience, and I wanted an animation but one that moved very slowly, like a painting that was evolving almost imperceptibly. What I did was manually export still frames from Studio Artist to disk and did the compositing in After Effects. One reason why is a feature I was familiar with which allows you to select the range of frames, import them into a new composition, and if you choose to in the settings you can have the frames overlap and then also dissolve to and from each other in two different ways.

So I have a few Studio Artist questions. Is importing frames and setting up the dissolves in a similar way possible in SA? Is there a way to set up a similar animation like this?

I've seen several references and am also curious to find more information about if I'm processing these frames in Paint Synthesizer or PAseq animation, is there a way and from what I hear there must, to take advantage of the bezier path layer(s) to in different ways process the raster layers or the canvas? Once I get to doing animations directly in SA, in MSG is there a way to take advantage of bezier paths there or once in PAseq animation timeline?

Oh I look forward to learning.



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In the last few days people have been sharing a wealth of existing forum topics, tutorials and shared presets concerning the general discussion of the artist trying to achieve a raised, impasto, watercolor or other surface, textural quality to digital paint brushes, msg parameters, or canvas operations in Studio Artist. Of course I've barely begun to scratch the surface. But it's exciting to find out there's much fertile ground here.

One of the links shared was to a 2007 forum topic started by John, Simulating Depth in Paint or Graphics. John talked about the Gradient Lighting Image Operation and also the Brush Load control panel, which at that time was in the packaged software on video tutorial disc #3. I wonder if that video is still relevant, still online?

In the replies to that post someone posted a set of paint synth presets:, and another,  I gave these a try on some San Francisco landmarks that might John think about his city, and got some surprisingly good results! Using a set of photos I took of the Transamerica pyramid and the Cafe Zoetrope building in San Francisco I tried hand painting the photos using some tweaked versions of those presets with several variables and got some remarkable results. I love the results and will use the image transfer processes I've mentioned to paint this image to touch it up with acrylics at some point.


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When is an artist born ?

9013421855?profile=original When is an artist born ??

I think there is two sorts of artist, one who is born out of years of training and one that was born like that. What is the diffrence....its the touch I belive. We all want to create nice paintings, and that is for me the most importance, and what other thinks is not that important.

I paint because I love it, and the I feel happy :-). My surrounding is an inspiration for me. The sea, the moutains and colors and moods.

 This pictures is my real surroundings ; Called "Borgundfjord" near Alesund, Norway


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Hi from Norway!

My name is Roy Lindquist ( 61 ) and are living in Norway in a small island caled Sula, at the west coast of Norway! The Northern Sea and as fare west as one can come in our country. I have just started to learn the use of this amazing Studio Artist software, and I will share with you all my work when I find there is something to be presented for "the big and talented audience". I am so thankful and happy to join the "club" and be a part of this fantastic and joyful artworld done and made by you all in Studio Artist! Please wait a bit, and I will , hopefully contribute with Norwegan moods :-)

sincerely yours

Roy Lindquist


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Studio Artist 4 on a macbook pro (2011)

I just got my new Macbook Pro last week and I'm so excited!  The way that I work with Studio Artist 4 has been dramatically enhanced and I'm enthralled.  Floating palettes make sense now!  I had to decide between the 27" iMac and the Macbook Pro and ultimately went with the MBP because it allowed me to work away from my desk.  


With an external monitor I can actually see and think about things that I literally couldn't see on my old 13" macbook.  I also was able to snag Motion 5 for $50 so I'm thrilled (first time I've owned a machine that was capable of running it.)  Very eager to develop a workflow between Studio Artist and Motion.

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Being Hip



In the Universe there is more space than anything else. Life is in the space of things. Between the lines, amongst the particals of celebrity. Being a star is such a small thing compared to how much space there is in this wonderful Universe of ours. The artist are the real polititians, the authentic leaders of our civilization. Turn off the TV for a while and paint something, write something, sing something, talk to somebody, cry, laugh, stomp your feet. Begin to enjoy the space. It is everywhere
As the rich get richer and the poor get richer and we are you know. Civilization moves on to its destiny. Being transformed again. I am poor because I want to be, I am rich because I need to be. I fall in the dirt and get up. I walk on the dirt and my feet never get dirty. I listen to what nature has to say to me. It says, "move, rest, move, rest". There is nothing outside of nature. All things are natural even what we identify as unatural. there are only perversions of nature and that is natural. The Buddist, the Taoist, the Tantric, the Catholic, the Christian, the Jew, the Islamic. All voices in the dark, in space, chatter. Listen to the inner voice that is special only to you. the voice that dances to the rythm of your heart, your breath, your being. That is the call of Nature our mother our Womb. 
In the beginning was Hippness. Far from anywhere the vibration of Hip permeated the Cosmos. It spread until in came in contact with matter and life was born. The first life form was the Hippest and then as life evolved being Hip became a normal state of being. But somewhere along the way a fluke happened. Somewhere along the way a Hip vibration was broken and the connection to being Hip was severed. Now all beings are not Hip only some. In order to get Hip you have to find your vibration that comes from your soul, your inner being. That place inside where all is quiet and serene, tranquil. A place where nothing flubbles you. That is the place where your Hippness resides. That is the place where Coolness is born.
Like the Transformers we transform too. Our transformation is from immature to mature, from unconscious to conscious to awareness and bliss. Once we become aware we can never go back to sleep again. Something must be done, active participation is needed. The fire has been lit, the darkness has been brought into the light. We are a part of the whole thang now. 
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The one that got away

A capture of a PasEq playback (all I had left after a crash) I didn't save the over sized Paint Synth Presets that I was adjusting and testing... But I did save the PAsEq. This would be what…

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more work with FCP & Studio Artist

up till recently my use of Studio artist has been minor tweaks of the existing PASQ presets. so not much to say about the process here in this CHEER-ACCIDENT video of their version of Cheap Tricks Dream Police, other than a lot of…
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