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At 6:06pm on June 11, 2009, a73x15 said…
hi bernard, i found your pictures (very) fascinating
i have a question about them
do you use some kind of software to generate an HDR version of your pictures and then apply filtration on sa3.5 (?!!)
i'm asking 'cause i find myself obsessed with HDR photography

congrats again! nice work
At 1:56am on June 16, 2009, David Buckle said…
I find your art interesting and well done. Keep posting.
At 9:48pm on June 16, 2009, a73x15 said…
hi bernard do you know this software
it is a bit incredible
check it out

of course, NICE WORK
as always!
At 3:13am on October 12, 2009, Richard Feltner said…
Hi Bernard!

Thanks for the positive comment. I wasn't sure about putting this image on the blog. Glad you liked it!
At 12:31pm on November 29, 2010, Willie Richardson said…
Hi bernard
thanks for the friends request, sorry for taking so long to reply, I didn't see it! ;-/
your work is excellent, many thanks
At 3:10pm on December 5, 2010, angela arenal said…
you have a great portfolio on here. tanks for your remark about my image. angela
At 7:35am on January 8, 2011, a73x15 said…

this as close as i got!!

missing: the beautiful colors, the 3d and 'liquid' quality  :(

At 9:40am on December 15, 2011, morales said…

let me see if I can be of help. you have a great talent i also have a n epson pointer but the 9890 you made a great choice. i have been living of my digital art work for 15 years now and i know you can too. for paper try sihl they make great quality canvas and watercolor paper your sprints will look great on them. if you come with any questions. on printing or selling. I will love to help you out. put your talent out there and make some money. is a great fealing when someone is willing to pay for your art that you do for love of it.

At 7:35am on February 28, 2012, morales said…

work more on the mate papers. stay away from foto paper and use your mate ink settings on your printer. remember any questions i'm here for you my friend.

At 10:16am on December 19, 2012, pat fiol said…

en fait , je veux construire un MSG depuis zero,je ne sais pas comment initialiser MSG.Cdt

At 9:53pm on October 18, 2013, M A X said…

bernard: ouvert la porte encore, s'il vous plait;-)

At 8:21am on October 19, 2013, Synthetik Software said…

Bernard, i just wanted to say what a lot of people here are thinking, which is that we really value your contributions to the user forum. Your artwork is really great, and pushes all kinds of creative and technical boundaries. Your artwork is also an inspiration to a lot of other Studio Artist users, which should be obvious from the high level of positive commentary in the forum discussions associated with your artwork posts.

At 10:00pm on October 19, 2013, M A X said…

welcome back bernard with your delicious humor, splendid joy of discovery and your sedulous activity!

At 10:20pm on October 19, 2013, Bernard Bunner said…

Thanks Max, i'm here again with my singing brush...

At 6:53pm on November 23, 2013, Tony Bouttell said…

Hey Bernard, in a discussion about shadow techiques,

you mentioned to someone that you have,

"some infos or examples here, here and many others on page 2, 3 in my photo space. "

which photo space were you referring to?

At 3:13pm on January 28, 2014, Synthetik Software said…

What program do you recommend to build a custom font from a series of eps images? So that you can use the font as a text brush in studio artist once you generate it.

At 8:03pm on January 28, 2014, Ian McPherson said…

Hi John,

This article may interest you. It covers the main alternatives, although there are some free and online font creation tools too, and some font creation apps for the iPad, while you'll find if you Google around a bit.

I don't know what Bernanrd uses, but i have been using Fontographer for years, although it languished a bit before being picked up by a developer a while back.

On top of the approach outlined in the article above, it is also possible to draw your font in Illustrator in a simgle file, and copy and paste the individual letters into Fontographer (and I imagine, many of the other apps that also employ bezier tools).

Most of the tools allow you to make fonts without all the characters, so you could also create a font with just a few characters if you wish. Postscipt clip art can also be used, with some limitations.

Cheers, Ian

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