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At 10:39pm on September 3, 2007, Tiffany Gordon said…
David Lynch video clip - fantastic! :-)
At 9:07am on September 4, 2007, Tiffany Gordon said…
Thx. I'll take a look at youtube. Wishing you a good evening!
At 9:29am on September 12, 2007, Paul Perlow said…
HI Frank,
Thanks for your compliment. Rarely do I use simplify. Part of the process involves cleaning up the photo and removing noise before I use open it with Studio Artist. SA picks up every little blemish and exaggerates it.In SA, First I sharpen the image a number of times depending on the look I want. Sometimes I will soften that by duplicating a sharpened layer and applying a blur to that overlay. Then I experiment by using different layers in different settings till I get a look I like. Sometimes with edge, Multiply, etc. I will also go in and adjust colors. I do not remember the exact steps used for Coney Island on My Mind. I have found that depending on the image, using the same sequence of steps can give entirely different result. I am continually surprised with the results I get through constant experimentation.

At 9:30am on September 16, 2007, Tiffany Gordon said…
Thanks. So pleased you like my elephant. :-)
At 11:01am on October 11, 2007, David Kaplan said…
thanks for the tip, frank. i will follow up and report back.
At 9:35pm on October 11, 2007, Florence Artur said…
Hi Frank, thank you for your comment!
At 10:56am on October 13, 2007, Paul Perlow said…
Hi Frank,
I appreciate your interest in my process. However, I have previously responded to your request on my approach to creating my imagery, related to this image and others. You seemed very happy with the depth of my answer. While I am always open to helping depending on the situation, I do not want to be give a step by step answer to duplicate my imagery. For one thing, it would be impossible. I myself could not even remember. And Studio Artist responds very differently to different photographs. I react to the image as if I were creating a painting, stroke by stroke. If I like the result, I keep it. If I don't I try something else. The key is to keep experimenting until you find what you like. For each image I create and decide upon as a final, I may have tried up to 20-30 other images that did not work for me. Hours and hours of work. There are no shortcuts. While this may not be the answer you hoped for, I need to be honest and direct with you.
Take care,
At 10:36am on October 15, 2007, Paul Perlow said…
Hi Frank,
I appreciate your reply. Yes, I was annoyed and I also felt sad afterwards that I may have overreacted. I am sorry. I reread my earlier answer to your first question. Actually everything I originally said answers your questions. For the second image I played with line sceens in Adjust to get that background pattern. But once again, depending on the photo and the color, the line screen reacts differently. There are many times when I can not get the same result on another image. For me Studio Artist is not a by the number piece of software. What differentiates it from photoshop is that the layers are interactive. That's why I spend many hours trying different options. In many cases there are no shortcuts.
I will still be happy to help you . However part of being a creator and getting ones work to a higher level involves a willingness to go through a certain amount of pain and unknowing to get to a place of greater light. For many years I had the raw talent and was unwilling to risk that. So my work was good and sometimes excellent. But I never had that breakthrough moment. Now occasionally I do and my art is starting to reflect that.
Key for me was chosing a "look" that I loved. My continued experimentation to refine that style limits my trying to know everything in SA (which is overwhelming and virtually impossible). Little by little I do add new brushes to my palette. But I always start with my foundation and see how a new experiment affects the overall look.
I do hope this helps.
Warm regards,
At 10:43am on October 22, 2007, kitty yang said…
Thanks Frank send my favor directorship interviews
At 5:46am on October 24, 2007, Valleysequence said…
thanks for taking a look at the photos... some are manipulations/studies of Master painter works and others start as digital photographs of acrylic paintings that I have painted...
At 6:07am on December 16, 2007, Paul Perlow said…
Hi Frank,

I make them as large as possible. My originals are 8.5 x 11" and I rerender them to about 2 feet x 3 feet,
At 6:08am on December 16, 2007, Paul Perlow said…
at 300 dpi
At 5:51am on December 19, 2007, M A X said…
danke frank, ich komme aus mainz am rhein (in the middle of germany)
At 12:10pm on December 29, 2007, Paul Perlow said…
There is an eraser function somewhere in SA but I don't remember where. The way I handle it in this situation is to use the region selection, lasso the areas you want to "erase" and then use Lum Adj to make those areas go white.
At 10:58pm on January 3, 2008, Paul Perlow said…
HI Frank,

Good to hear from you. I am so involved with the Coney Island Images that it's difficult to stop. In a week I will be going to Paris for two weeks and will have some time to rest. I am hoping to find a gallery there for the work.
At 7:05am on January 27, 2008, M A X said…
hallo frank. leider kann man in dem schönen programm nicht bei null anfangen, alle presets sind wie beschrieben neue mischungen aus den vorhandenen (global evolution) und dann eine brauchts eine menge geduld, trial and error und eine portion finetuning in den tonnen von parametern, eine spannende reise, zur zeit bin ich richtig süchtig, nicht züchtig damit.
im neuen pott ist auch ein "FrankVideospezialPatch" dabei, hab's schon zum testen fuer die 4 verschickt, bald stell ichs online, machs gut, pflicht ruft: muss zum ballett
fix und foxi, der kaputtmax
At 8:25am on January 31, 2008, M A X said…
liegt bereit, viel spass, max bunny
At 6:09pm on February 8, 2008, Mikael said…
how did that film turn out? (with the maxset patches) (sorry, don't mean to intrude on your exchange with max, it's just that the image has lured me so...)
At 6:57pm on February 18, 2008, Paul Perlow said…
Hi Frank,

I am a bit late geting back to you. Sorry. Paris was great. I love it therre, If I could afford to, I would live there at least 6 months a year. New York is a great city but the quality of life herer sucks.
At 5:54am on March 4, 2008, Donna Kuhn said…
hi frank,

i had a lot of trouble with vimeo. it looked beautiful but you cannot embed high res video yet. you can only offer a link to it. i joined daily motion as a "motionmaker"--you send original content to be approved and then you can upload high res video. i haven't uploaded the high res video yet. had trouble using veoh. i'll upload something to dailymotion today and let you know.

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