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At 3:52am on May 2, 2007, Vernon Reid said…
Got the email on this...Pretty Wild
At 6:50am on May 3, 2007, Chris Northcross said…
Hey John,

Thanks so much for this and everything you've done for the SA community. I've been away from SA and the DMN forums for a bit and this is a great reason to meet some new folks and become re-acquainted with others.

Thanks for your time and your talents.
At 1:04pm on June 24, 2007, Michael R Wright said…
hey john!! :))
At 2:59pm on August 31, 2007, NewJack Rasputin said…
hi John,
i noticed you talking to frank N saying.....
"I tend to focus on coming up with ways to abstract 2D form and watching this makes me think that having some effects that abstract motion itself might be useful for things like dance applications."

I had been thinking how interesting it would be to have "look-ahead/behind" based filters, auto-region selection & vector grabbing. It would be similar to the technique used in video compression - calculating and filtering differences in the pixel state for every frame - and then comparing it to preceding and following frames. I'm sure you can imagine one million ways to have fun with this. Then your modular synth would have an envelope follower/multi-band delay! (or something..)
At 2:53pm on September 17, 2007, NeoPhyte_Rep said…
Are you aware of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups, ? You can look up local user groups on that site. They would probably like a demonstration of Studio Artist.
At 9:41pm on November 1, 2007, Paul Perlow said…
Thanks, John... That's part of the overall plan. My goal is to complete 200 images (I am halfway there now) and then edit them down for a gallery show. And then a book. I may even have enough imagery to complete 300 images with Studio Artist. I have been looking into self publishing using print on demand. The publishers give very little in return. Hopefully after the show and book I will have the courage to learn and create an animated film using SA and the imagery. I have been reading up on the history of Coney Island and it's a great mirror reflecting just how far down our world has sunken creatively and in other ways. I have never been so commited to anything before. Working with SA is such a pleasure and a great source of creative freedom. I keep trying new things and am slowly getting the feel for a small part of the software. Lately using the bezier curves to create masks has been the new toy I have been playing with. At first I hated it compared to illustrator. Now I feel it is more fluid and a fun challenge.
At 2:23pm on May 9, 2008, Lorenzo Amaduzzi said…
Next days I will try new uploads. Thanks,
Lorenzo Amaduzzi, Italy
At 11:50pm on August 23, 2008, ct1904 said…
my system crashed... took my version 3.52 with it... i have the original 3.5 disk/CD... how can i get the upgrade back to 3.52? BTW - I have a new iMac... 3mhz/750gb hard drive...4gb RAM

cheers -

At 12:02pm on October 14, 2008, Phyllis Stewart said…
I got a new Mac and have 3.5 on my old Mac. I can't find the number to install 3.5 again. I have a number for 3.0, but lost the upgrade number for 3.5. What should I do?

Phyllis Stewart
At 7:05am on February 16, 2009, Jim C. said…
Hi! My hard drive crashed, but I hesitate putting SA on my new HD because version 3.5 is ppc, not universal binary. Should I wait for version 4.0 and is 4.0 going to be Universal binary? Or is there a patch for 3.5 to make it intelmac friendly? I really want to make the best use out of the intel mac horsepower. Thanks! - Jim C.
At 6:49pm on February 23, 2009, Tony Bouttell said…
You're the President of Synthetik, you are the creator of Studio Artist. You also program, create digital art and music and video. Do you have any spare time at all?
At 9:03am on October 25, 2009, John McKie said…
Thanks for your information. I will definetly follow up with tech
At 12:10am on January 3, 2010, charles scharf said…
sorry to be a bother, but ihave the download 4.0 with the ping logo, but don't have the other components to attach it to. i think i pulled them when they weren't working or expired. is there something i can do to remedy the situation? thankyou, john
At 10:45am on December 24, 2010, dr.sassi (V.Sassmannshausen PhD) said…

Hi John,

Thanks - as well for the help so far.

I understand the idea behind and working with LogicPro or Soundtrack (etc) as well with hardware mixers and Synthesizer makes it easy to follow.

So far I search for a list of all 500 (?) patches, which explains a little bit wht each one does.

Again, knowing SA4 since a week, I have to admit, that I certainly have gaps in my research alone.


However, I got already nice results connecting SA4 to CINEMA 4D Render results!


Happy Holidays



At 1:18pm on December 9, 2011, Hai Dai said…

Great Work John! Just when I didnt think it could get better with your SA you have shown  me otherwise! 

At 2:56pm on December 14, 2011, morales said…

hi big fan here, i'm very interested in buying studio artist 4, i play in a friend house with it and i love it. i'm just a litle worry about the learning curve i will use it for mosiac work and i need to lear how to use the brushes and the movie feature is there any book for that?

At 8:16am on January 19, 2013, Mike Edwards said…

Thanks for your reply. Got the forum approval email but not had your email re accessing the home page yet. Will reply when it makes it through the ether!

At 9:17am on January 19, 2013, Mike Edwards said…

Got your email now. I have issues with my other email which may be linked to the issue of accessing some sites including synthetik. I will get my techi on it Monday then I can make the purchase but thanks for your help

At 2:06pm on January 6, 2014, Simone Genghini said…
Hi John,
how can I do to have an advice for mosaico technique?
I mean, I've do a mosaic but I'm not satisfied of my brush paint technique. I don't like that my photo tiles change apoearance to create the photo subject, but they would mantein original aspect. I mean creating the subject with the original photo tile colors without change them. Maybe I wrong something in the brush options?
May you help me?

This is my mosaic:

Thank you in advanced.

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