Everything in this video was created automatically by Studio Artist 5.5 using AI Generative Paint Strategies. The transitions between images were generated u...

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Comment by Synthetik Software on January 19, 2021 at 2:14pm

Here are some more examples of artwork automatically created using generative paint strategies in Studio Artist V5.5 gallery show. I'm also playing around with some of the settings in the new Transition Context effects to create the transitions between the static images generated by gallery show.

I used manual grabs of gallery show content. I press the Grab button in the new V5.5 Gallery Show Toolbar to grab an image i like as gallery show is running. As opposed to using one of the stream write flags (which i could use if i want gallery show output images to be saved automatically)

I like this approach for several different reasons. One, it brings the artist a little bit more back into the loop. You select the settings for your generative art strategy, then let the machine do the work, while you decide what you want to keep or not.  It also lets you grab an output image while the machine is working on painting it (sometimes i like what i see on the screen more while the painting is happening vs when the machine is finished with the paint effect for one part of the gallery show cycle).

Keep in mind that i did all of this (generate hundreds of cool looking painted images) in just a few hours of playing round with gallery show while testing V5.5. And most of the images i generated are not in this video (you can generate a lot of images very quickly using this technique if you want to).

You can extensively customize what the gallery show output looks like by selecting and building your own custom generative art strategy. The range of output looks in this video is just a tiny sliver of the potential range of possible visual effects.

You can dial it in to be very realistic if you want that, or extremely abstract if you want that. You can choose to be representational, or dial that out, make it looser, or make it extremely abstract.

You can build art strategies that happen in a single gallery show cycle, or you can create ones that evolve over many gallery show cycles.

Comment by M A X on January 19, 2021 at 8:17pm

again: fascinating 5.5 teaser!

Comment by M A X on January 19, 2021 at 9:22pm

"Live long and prosper"

Comment by Conor Bolton on January 23, 2021 at 8:15am

Watched the whole video fullscreen on YT. I'm really eager to find out all of the upgraded features for version 5.5 as I have a project coming up. Wish I knew when it's coming out...;-|


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