Time Particle Transformation Paint Animation Ex2

Another example of using time particles live to build a transformational paint animation. I started the PASeq in loop action and then drag and dropped new source images from a web browser as it ran in real time.

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Comment by liveart on April 12, 2010 at 12:53pm
ah, re-reading your reply post I see. I could manually advance the source movie, if I turn the flags off.. hmmm.... sit by the screen and wait.. or choose an imperfect repeating number.. choices.. oh yes when you say that you loop run the PASEQ is that by hitting the animate button or cmd-shift-r?
Comment by Synthetik Software on April 12, 2010 at 12:53pm
You could always make a source movie that has duplicated frames. but if you choose a source with slow movement, or some movement on a static background i think it will work fine.


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"Looks like you found some of the new SA V5.5 visual attribute modulation options in the Vectoizer. I was running randomized variations of Vectorizer parameters last night in gallery show, and it needs to have some generative preference options…"
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Testing SA 5.5 Vectorizer
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"This is no SA-work! These early digital works were made by my old typography-professor alfred tilp (1932-2006)."
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"Compugrafitty" von Alfred Tilp,2004
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New GS VectorizerFeat6

This was made using a generative art strategy that only uses the Vectorizer in Studio Artist V5.5 while testing some new Vectorizer features.
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New GS Gen Features2

"This is a really good example of how perceptual modulation of diverse sets of different paint synthesizer parameters can really tune what is happening in the canvas.  This applies to realistic painting goals, or to abstract painting…"
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Invenzione dell'Invenzione 12 from Jean Detheux on Vimeo.

Invenzione dell'Invenzione 12

On November 5, 2019, Paola Erdas (harpsichord http://www.paolaerdas.it), Marco Ambrosini (nyckelharpa http://www.ambrosini.de), Angela Ambrosini (nyckelharpa https://www.angelaambrosini.eu) and Eva-Maria Rusche (harpsichord…

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