I am pleased to announce that a complete set of preset samples for V5 of Studio Artist is now available here:


  Samples of all of the over 12,000 non-MSG V5 presets are included. Total size for a download of all of them is around 6 Gb, but any can be viewed online if preferred, or downloaded in smaller groups.

 Each picture filename is the SA preset name, and it was produced by running the named preset on the original test image--it's the Original Image_Sailboats.jpg file on the initial page that you'll see. Folders are nested with exactly the same structures and names as the original SA V5 presets themselves, namely by a type - collection - category - preset files structure. 

 One main value of these samples is that they provide a much more detailed indication of typical transformations produced by a preset than can be provided by the tiny thumbnails provided in the main SA window.  (Other benefits will be detailed in a separate post).

 It might seem boring to have just one original image, but this is the only way to provide direct comparability between all 12,000 samples, so that you can see the differing effects of each preset on the original.  Also, this same original image was used for most of my complete V4 preset samples (available at


 so that, if desired, you can directly compare V5 preset outputs with V4 outputs.   In fact, it's remarkable how little duplication there is between them--most of the V5 presets are either new, or they have been systematically reworked.

An advantage of downloading the samples is that powerful display programs, such as Lightroom or Bridge, can then be used for rapid search, comparison and so on.  But the quick access and convenience of online viewing is also very useful.



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Thanks for putting this together for everyone.

Thanks John, much appreciated.


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