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  • Cool Preset Sharing Group Cool Preset Sharing Group

    127 Members

    Latest Activity: Feb 14

    A place to share presets and post work

  • Studio Artist Tutorials Studio Artist Tutorials

    93 Members

    Latest Activity: Mar 19

    A place to ask questions and receive tutorial information on specific Studio Artist topics.



    49 Members

    Latest Activity: Jul 6

    A place to discuss MSG related issues. MSG stands for modular synthesized graphics and allows Synthetik users to build their own custom processing effects.

  • Potential New Ideas Potential New Ideas

    29 Members

    Latest Activity: May 17, 2021

    A place to post pictures made by other softwares, or digital art pictures you want to share. It can also be a source  for the developement of new features for future versions of S.A. 

  • General Technical Discussion General Technical Discussion

    22 Members

    Latest Activity: Nov 22, 2022

    This group is for questions about specific techniques and effects using Studio Artist.


    22 Members

    Latest Activity: Jun 5, 2017

    I propose a group monthly challenge. Specifically each month an image with a cool/interesting/desired effect from outside SA with be posted and the challenge will be to come up with a Preset to Paseq which mimics that effect within SA

  • Studio Artist Feature Requests Studio Artist Feature Requests

    21 Members

    Latest Activity: May 14, 2022

    I got tired of trying to track down the most populated and recent forum posts relating to feature requests for SA so I decided to start a group here.

    Hopefully, it will be easier to follow than the posts on the forum.

  • SA in the world SA in the world

    20 Members

    Latest Activity: Jan 15, 2022

    A place for folk to share if they are presenting Studio Artist created work out in the world. Gallery exhibition, live performance, feature film, etc.

  • Alpha Tricks Alpha Tricks

    18 Members

    Latest Activity: Dec 1, 2020

    Since there seems to be a lot of interest in using Alpha Channels, Alpha Tricks Group is intended to be a collection of posts and discussions on using Alphas in Studio Artist.

  • Studio Artist Preset Samples Group Studio Artist Preset Samples Group

    12 Members

    Latest Activity: Dec 1, 2020

    A place to share samples produced from SA presets.  Making or viewing samples is a great learning tool, so please join!

  • Studio Artist Social Media Group Studio Artist Social Media Group

    6 Members

    Latest Activity: Aug 15, 2022

    A place to share information on your SA-related posts to social media.  Please join, so that everyone can enjoy your work!

    I’m sure many of us have posted SA-related items on various internet-based social media such as…

  • Studio Artist V5.5 Studio Artist V5.5

    2 Members

    Latest Activity: May 4, 2021

    Specific information related to Studio Artist V5.5.  This includes information about specific features of V5.5, as well as tutorials related to those features.

    The point of this group is to provide one place to look for tutorial…