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Vectorizer to Path


Can I fill the shapes I created with Vectorizer with my own images? Is there a way to do it with SA? Or is there a way to convert the shape I created with Vectorizer into a bezier path?

I've been working on it for days but couldn't find it. I would

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18 Replies · Reply by Kenan Dogan Jun 10

Windows version UI


just a quick question: are there any plans for a rework of the windows version UI of SA? 

I currently own latest version, but when I bought it I didn't realize that those nice screeshots I had been looking at were related to the Mac version.


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1 Reply · Reply by Synthetik Apr 29

Movie formats

I've got a 300 MB H.264/QT movie loaded as a source and when I click the Play button in the Source window, it does not advance -  end and star buttons both work. I have an interactive paint preset loaded Particle Painting) and I am trying to draw on

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2 Replies · Reply by Donna Kuhn Apr 10

Symmetry in Nature and Art


Symmetry is very common in biological structures in nature.  Because of that, and because different areas of your visual cortex are specifically stimulated by it when it is present in observed in visual imagery, it is also a common motif in visual a

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Digital Image Representations

I thought it might be a useful exercise to run through some introductory tutorial material associated with how digital images are represented digitally.  And how one can work with the components of these different representation to build visual effec

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5 Replies · Reply by Synthetik Mar 19