Getting Started Working with MSG

There are a large number of tutorial posts related to working with MSG in the Studio Artist Effects Blog under the MSG tag. The Studio Artist Tips Blog also has a number of beginning MSG tutorials.

The cool thing about MSG is that you can work with directed evolution of MSG presets in the Evolution Editor to modify MSG presets as well as build your own from scratch. Without necessarily having to understand the technical details of advanced MSG Editing. High Level MSG Editing commands are also available in the integrated help browser. The links below are some effects blog articles to help get you started.

Here are some posts related to working with the Evolution Editor:

Directed Evolution of MSG Presets

Swap Evolving New MSG Presets

Evolving New MSG Preset with the Inspire Button

Using Add Mutation to Evolve New MSG Presets

Working with Inspire Evolution to BuildMSG Effects from Scratch

Working with Swap Evolution and a Fixed MSG Routing Configuration

Using Swap Evolution to Create a Variety of Different Procedural Effects

Evolving Self-Animating MSG Presets

There are a large number of active link help commands to edit MSG Preset available in the integrated Help Browser:

MSG Help Commands

Working with the MSG Configuration Help Commands

Using Meta-Edits to Build Complexity into a Simple MSG Effect

Color Gradient Meta Edit Commands

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