Sketch Scan Preset Question

I've come across this beautiful sketch preset but I can't get it to go down the entire 4800px canvas, it just stops and is driving me nuts.  I know I should probably know how to set it, but I confess - I don't.  I usually always paint with Cintiq.

Please help :)

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  • Sounds like you are running out of paint paths before completing the larger canvas size. That is adjustable in the paint synthesizer.

    In the Path Start control panel in the paint synthesizer, the Max Stroke setting controls the number of paint strokes laid down on the canvas for that particular preset. You can adjust that setting. You can make it larger (up to 40000). Or, you can set it to -1 for path start generators that you want to cover the entire canvas, like tiling or edge scan generators.

    • Thank you.  I will try what you have said and see what happens :)

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