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  • Thanks John , happy to hear that . starting setting it right now . soumaya .
  • Studio Artist is totally compatible with all Wacom tablets, including the cintiq. I believe Liveart uses a cintiq, so he might have some suggestions regarding custom key settings.
  • hi , does anyone know if AS is compatible with wacom cintiq 12wx ? if yes

    does anyone have a custom key settings that compliment the two to share . thanks . soumaya . 


  • Huh. Can't believe I missed the tips on wordpress! I will take a look at them first and see where I stand. Thanks ever so much for the reply!
  • Check out these studio artist tips for more information on creating MSG presets in studio artist 4. I'd be happy to put together some more tutorials on editing MSG. Is there anything specific you want me to cover?
  • I'd love to see a basic step by step tutorial on creating your own MSG presets in SA4. Anyone have one to share?
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Building a Tiling Paint Preset

OK, someone was confused about how to create a simple tiling paint preset. So, let's do it. From scratch. Goto the Paint Synthesizer Classic Editor. So i want to reset the paint synthesizer controls to a known state. So i'm going to reinitialize them. I could have used the Reinitialize paint synth macro edit command located in the integrated Help Browser. But i decided to do the same thing inside of the Editor itself. So, holding down the shift key, i then pressed the Init button at the…

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Duplicating Charis Tsevis's Photo Mosaic Effect Styles

Many people who come to the forum are very interested in the photo mosaic work created by Studio Artist artist Charis Tsevis, which is generated using Studio Artist's movie brush painting features. As an aid to help anyone interested in creating these kinds of photo mosaic effects, here are some links to existing information posts you can read to help you get started. There are various factory photo mosaic and movie brush presets that ship with Studio Artist, and others available for download…

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AutoGenerating a Rough Sketch to Auto Convert Into Colored Regions

The previous tutorial was devoted to exploring various ways one could take a rough black line sketch made on a white background and automatically convert it into automatically filled solid colored regions. Which could also be vector colored regions if you wanted to do that. Three different approaches to automatically do that were explained in detail in that tutorial. The Flat Region Colorizer ip op, the Vectorizer, or the Paint Synthesizer. Of course one could also try to automatically…

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