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  • Good day. I am Otto Laske, a long-time member. I need guidance for getting into making videos based on my paintings and drawings (posted on Saatchi.) Here are my questions:
    1. I envision to move from one painting to another to create sequences I can set to (my) music in a video editor like Adobe Premier or Vegas Pro. As far as working on this with Studio Artist, where in the SA software do I begin?
    2. I have seen how by using loop actions one can modify an image as long as desired but how does one output consecutive modifications as a video?
    3. Is (2) the same question asking how to make a SA movie?
    Many thanks for your help.
    Otto Laske
    Gloucester, MA, USA
    • Here's a tip on movie and image streams.

      Here's a tip on processing a movie file with a paint action sequence (PASeq).

      If you want to do interactive things or output loop action effects, then the image or movie stream would be the way to go. You will need to setup your stream write flag option appropriately, based on what you are trying to achieve.

      If you want to process an existing movie file, or you are building an animation effect where each frame of the output consists of the processing associated with a paint action sequence, then using the process or animate menu commands to generate your output is the way to go.
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    • you record it into a movie stream.
  • Thank you for driving me nuts with Studio artist once more. I have been using since the begining and managed to stay sane but now i am deep in to the new 5.5. and my sanity is slipping.

    I love the Kaleido with source Image PASeq but I want the kaleidoscope to stay centered. I plan on outputing each version to file to make an animation. How can I stop Kaleido 7Symetery from wandering in the Kaleido with source Image PASeq?

    I tried using the Kaleido centered aspect wacom and muting 7 but that just produces the same version each time which leads me to wonder if there is an action step i can insert that will emulate my mouse movement on Kaleido centered aspect wacom .? I really should read the manual more and I am I swear but I never reach for help enough so I am doing so. Thank you in advance.
    • If you goto Interactive Warp operation mode, and set the warp effect popup to Kaleido 7Symmetry, then when you mouse down in the canvas the center of the kaleidoscopic effect is where you moused down on the canvas. So if you want to put it in the center you need to mouse down in the center when you start the interactive warp effect.
      If you record your interactive warp into a PASeq, then the final warp effect you specify with your interactive movements will be recorded.

      There is a Kaleido Centered Aspect Wacom that auto-centers it. Your pen pressure determines the N fold symmetry.
      We should probably add another option that lets you center and adjust the N-fold symmetry without having to have a Wacom tablet and pressure pen.

      If you are asking about a way to dynamically play back your full interactive mouse movement in the effect in a PASeq, we might add that in V6.

      There are MSG processors that do kaleidoscopic effects, and you specify their centering with a 0-100% parameter adjustment, so that might be an alternative way to go. So you would set the horizontal and vertical center parameters to 50% to center it. That will track whatever canvas size you are working with.
      My guess is that there is already a MSG preset that supports this effect. If you need help in building one i can post an explanation on how to do it.

      You could also keyframe your parameter adjustments over time, so then you could build a PASeq via key-framing of the MSG effect that emulates the kind of interactive adjustment you want to make over time.
    • thank you . I added a keyframe down the line and allowed it to interpolate, works like magic i can sleep now!
  • Hello to all of you. I am Joachim from Düsseldorf and happy to be part of the community.
    I start with a question related to the superziser.
    How do i use the superziser for videos without any further animation. What is the way to store the result on my computer. I use studioartist 5.5
    • If you make the world's simplest PASeq (Paint Action Sequence) that just erases the canvas to the source image, and then process your movie file with that, then the source will be resized to whatever the canvas size is. This is true for Studio Artist in general, the source is resized to your canvas size for input to the effect when you run an effect if the canvas size is different than the source size.
      The default interpolation algorithm is specified in the Canvas : Resize Canvas dialog. Supersizer is the default setting.

      If you go to syntheetik.com and look under the support menu, there are options for video tutorials, tips site, etc. Those are good resources there if you don't know what a PASeq is or how to use it to process movie files.
      When you process a movie file, you can output to another rendered movie file, or a folder of frame images.
  • Thanks John , happy to hear that . starting setting it right now . soumaya .
  • Studio Artist is totally compatible with all Wacom tablets, including the cintiq. I believe Liveart uses a cintiq, so he might have some suggestions regarding custom key settings.
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