5.5 Preset Linescreen Palettize

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  • I really dig this!

  • Hi Chris.  It was made using one of the new Studio Artist V5.5.5 factory Paint Action Sequence (PASeq) presets.  The preset designers did a really great job putting together a whole new factory set for the upcoming V5.5.5 release.

  • Yes, this is a nice Paint Action Sequence.

  • Makes me wonder if there's a way to perform almost a bucket fill type operation, as in fill outline/color island on canvas with a paint synth. A unique really odd paint by numbers scheme. I suppose that would be an auto mask by contiguous color selected on click with a tolerance slider for assisted/manual paint synth presets? Perhaps even using outlines or color islands on a different layer in case you don't want them visible.I know you can target black or white, but not sure there's a way to mask/target individual colors without manually setting up a mask before hand.

  • There are ways to use both the paint synth and image operation effects (the ones labeled interpolators in the operation menu) as 'bucket fill' operations.  We should put together a tutorial on that, so i will mention that to the appropriate people..

  • Great, I look forward to that. I experiment with a lot of the settings, but I confess that my understanding of many of the variables are incomplete. Same with other software and node editors, though my understanding does grow.

  • Hello I have V5.5

    Is V5.5.5 olready on the market? Can I update it?

  • If you are a V5.5 user, then you probably are already running V5.5.5.  It will be in your synthetik.com user account, and is probably the point update of V5.5 you originally downloaded when you purchased for most V5.5 customers.  

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