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guided diffusion drifting (1)

the End of Time - a children's story

This video is an example of a latent diffusion generative ai drift session. The theme is 'the End of Time - a children's story'.


The imagery was generated using a LAION-400M latent diffusion multi-modal generative ai text to image synthesis model. The animation was put together in Studio Artist using Transition Contexts and Paint Action Sequence (PASeq) processing. You see the imagery presented in the order it was created in the live drift session. Drifting is an art process that we originated working with live mutation of procedural MSG (modular synthesized graphics) generative effects in Studio Artist. Here we are extending the live drift concept by working with generative ai image synthesis algorithms. The particular generative synthesis algorithm we are using here is a multi-modal latent diffusion algorithm, but you could just as easily be using a VQGAN or other generative image synthesis techniques.


Drifting is an example of a human artist and a generative ai system working together to create something over time. You can think of drifting as an interactive exploration of the adjustable parameter space of a generative algorithm or art creation system. The idea is to slowly change or adjust the parameter space of the system by some small amount, observe the results, and then continue that cycle. The changes for this particular drift being additional textural input added to or subtracted from the multi-modal text to image generative algorithm, as well as individual adjustments of parameters associated with the image synthesis model. Over time, you are slowly drifting through the generative algorithm's space of creative possibilities.

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Piggy Particles

Hi, here is a new video, lots of MSG (background layer) and MSG generation path starts along with Time Particles in the paint synth, the "Piggy" figure I made in ZBrush and then animated in Blender, with embedded alpha channel, then took into Studio Artist and made into several different kinds of Movie Brushes. Several layers composited together in Blender. Music made with Bespoke Synth and my Shenai. If anyone has any questions about how it was done I'd be happy to explain more.…

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The one that got away

A capture of a PasEq playback (all I had left after a crash) I didn't save the over sized Paint Synth Presets that I was adjusting and testing... But I did save the PAsEq. This would be what…

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"Cool, thanks, I have used Discord for Midjourney, it took a little getting used to, but I get it now."
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Apr 4, 2022
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"To clarify, I did not make this using 3 layers by using the Layers window in Studio Artist, each layer was processed seperately and then put together and exported as a movie in Blender."
Mar 11