I find that, I select a new layer and then start a PASeq or other action, and frequently SA 4, on it's own jumps to an earlier (unwanted) layer. The layer icon in the PASeq box talks about layer tracking. I don't know for certain if this is a layer tracking issue.

I have tried to search Layer Tracking in the user guide but cannot find anything that leads me to the layer track on off button.

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In version 3.5 layer playback in a PASeq was a global PASeq configuration preference. In version 4, each PASeq has a parameter option for things like mask playback or layer tracking playback. So you should turn that off if it's turned on for a particular PASeq. You would do that by going to the Editor when in PASeq operation mode and turning off the Layer Playback parameter option there.

As far as I know, those are the settings I have. I haven't knowingly used any layer playback settings.
The settings are unique to each PASeq preset, as opposed to being global preference settings like before. Old presets should default with the layer playback option being off. So if that's not the case i'd like to know about it. If there's a specific PASeq preset you feel is adjusting the layers during playback when it should not be doing that it would be best to email the preset and a description of the problem to techsupport AT synthetik DOT com and we can try to debug the problem.
Tonight, I selected a paint preset (not a PASeq) one of the new SA 4 presets, clicked in the layers window, to get a new layer then executed path painting, and instead of painting on the new layer #4 it painted on #1.
Paint presets can't change the current layer. So you are running into something else. There was an issue at one point where you could get the layer palette and the layer popup above the canvas to mismatch by following a certain sequence of events. I believe that is fixed now. I sent you the latest build to work with. If you still run into this problem with the latest build email techsupport and let me know about it.
I am having the problem with PASeqs and history sequences that I recorded.
I go to the PASeq editor and turn everything to off.

I then record. When I record for example set canvas to white it may list it as layer 1 even though I am on layer 17. I reset to 17 finish recording. Then click new layer 18 and when I hit the play button it goes back and overwrites 17. When I go back to the editor the buttons top 2 settings which I have turned off before recording have been turned on by the program. I keep turning them of - but they turn on by themselves. I can't seem to override the layer number settings. I have ben using 4.7.2.
I just tried recording again. I went into the editor and turned everything off. Everything was recorded as layer 26. I clicked to layer 27 and hit the play button and it seemed to work fine.

How can I turn off the layer playback buttons on PASeqs that I have previouly recorded, without checking the editor?
I'm not aware of any problem that would mysteriously turn on the layer playback parameter for PASeq presets. And i've never seen that particular problem here. If you think there is one, if you could figure out a reproducible way to make it happen that would be very useful.

If you think you may have exported PASeq presets with that parameter set to on, you'd have to import the presets and check the setting to figure it out and then turn off the setting and then export the preset to save the parameter edit change.

Option clicking the current preset icon is a quick shortcut way to overwrite a preset on disk that you have modified.
When I click on the preset icon, which of the options do I select?

Does option clicking on the icon, eliminate the need to export the corrected PASeq?

Is their a way to make the off buttons the default setting in the Paseq editor?
We're running out of indentations here. I'm not sure i understand your question about clicking a preset icon.

Clicking the current preset icon will reload it from disk. Option clicking the current preset icon will bring up a dialog asking if you want to overwrite it on disk with the current settings (ok or cancel).

If you mean control clicking the current preset icon, that gives you a set of context menus for the current preset.
I amended my answer to say that the option clicking worked, but the post wasn't saved.

Does SA 4 have a preset reset button.

Is their away to make the off settings in the PASeq editor the default setting? Right now it seems the ON
for the top two buttons is the default.
The default settings for mask and layer playback is turned off. I'm looking at the code right now.

PASeq presets come in 2 flavors in version 4. You can read old 3.5 PASeq presets, but if you save them they are saved in version 4 format which is totally incompatible with 3.5. The old 3.5 PASeq preset format does not store the new v4 PASeq editable parameters like mask playback and layer playback. It's possible that when importing old PASeq presets the mask and layer playback settings will maintain what they are currently set to when you import the old preset as opposed to forcing them to be turned off, so i'll check into that and force them to turn off when importing old preset formats if that's not happening.

Any version 4 presets are going to read in whatever values they are set to in those presets. Since the settings are a part of the version 4 PASeq preset.

If you run across version 4 factory presets where they are turned on and you feel that is a mistake let us know about it. They should only be turned on for PASeq presets that use multiple layers. In my tests here they are turned off for almost all of the factory PASeq presets.


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